February 2001 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	February 7, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:40 pm at Jillianís in Manchester, NH. Dan Guliano welcomed foreign correspondent, Martin Callahan. Martin said that he may be returning to New Hampshire in the fall of 2001. Dan also welcomed John Cloutier as editor of the White Mountain newsletter, the "Profile".

Dan asked Mike Lussier for the treasurerís report. Mike responded that the report was not complete but that we had spent eight to nine thousand dollars more than we had taken in. Mike stated that some of the expenses were due to the holiday party, but the club had a cash balance of around seventeen thousand dollars. Mike further stated that he was looking to upcoming driving events to build the cash balance.

Dan reported on the holiday party and said it was well attended. Dan added that the cost to hold the party was about seven thousand dollars and that the ten dollars per person charged did not cover this cost. Dan then asked if there was support to continue the holiday party. The response from the membership was favorable and it was decided to hold a holiday party next year. It was agreed to hold it around the same time and same place as this past year. However, it was suggested that the party be held in a larger room and the fee (to attend) be raised slightly. There was a request to check the schedule for conflicts with the Boston Chapter club and the regional SCCA holiday parties.

Dan asked Alan Goddu to discuss the upcoming Yankee Candle Museum event. Alan stated that he had received seventeen positive responses and an additional eighteen maybes. Alan informed the membership that a sit down lunch would be served with appetizers and a choice of three entrees for fourteen to fifteen dollars (tax and gratuity included). Maps would be provided with an opportunity to rendezvous at about 10 am in Keene, NH. For those who could not meet in Keene, arrival at the Yankee Candle (in Deerfield, MA) would be about 11 am. Dennis Sirous would be providing souvenirs and the Yankee Candle would contribute two fruit baskets.

Dan stated that a driving events meeting was scheduled for February 21, 2001 at 6:30 pm located at the Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH. He also added that a one day event at F1 Boston (indoor Cart track) maybe scheduled in March.

Lastly, Dan said that the Boston chapter had enquired about the White Mountainís defense of the Carting Cup (taken from Boston last year). There was some discussion and it was suggested that the defense of the Cup take place at the end of the driving season. There were some questions about the schedule of events for the coming year and it was stated that some events had been lost at NHIS due to track construction. White Mountain chapter had two firm events, the "Cabin Fever" event on April 20th and the "End of Season" event on October 19th & 20th. As a precursor to the "Cabin Fever" event, there will be an advanced driving skills school for instructors on April 7th and students on April 14th.

Dan relayed news from the national BMW club. The BMW CCA now has a membership of 57,300 and 7500 voted in the national elections. The national office in Cambridge will be sold on March 30, 2001 and will be moved to Spartanburg, SC. The national plans to buy an office condominium at this time. The national will be revamping the web site and publishing club racing announcements.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed at 7:20 pm.