December 2008 Board Meeting Minutes

by Alan Legerlotz December 2, 2008

Meeting Minutes for December 2008 Board Meeting

Date:                     12/2/08

Time:                     6:40 pm

Location:              BMW Stratham


Attendees :   Alan Legerlotz,  Dana Sion, Michael Morin,  Laura Fallis, Paul Michali, Mark Viola, Bruce Smith, PJ McDonough, Gordon Geike, Martin Calahan , David Harrison, Dick Cadieux, Mike Safford, Mike Francis.

Meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.

We need to be sensitive to the dealership closing, so we need to leave on time.

We have been contacted by BMW NA about our wearables on CafePress.  The fact that we were selling things on a public site was a problem, so we have taken down everything and BMW NA is satisfied.  We are not the only chapter who has done this, and there is no issue now that everything has been removed from the 3rd party web site.

Financials:  We have around $1500 in reimbursable from Street Survival and there is some income from the October event, but we’re not sure how much yet.  The climb to the clouds was around a $1000 loss.

Newsletter Update:  The latest profile is out and people received it over the past week or so.

Board Only:  Recognition award nominations are needed.


Web Site (Paul):   Paul has been monitoring the elections and the Winter Reunion.  Mike Morin has not been receiving any emails from registration for the holiday party, so he asked Paul about whether or not things are correct in that respect.  In the near term there will be transition things necessary after the election, etc…


Profile (Martin):  Bruce commented on how good the issue looked and that he liked the format.  A copy of the center section will be printed and laminated so that Dana can use it for marketing purposes.  The issue went smoothly and vermillion did a great job getting things done on time.  Martin asked for comments about the layout.   The Electronic Profile is now live and Martin posted it via Paul’s written instructions.  One thing about the e-profile is that it is available instantly, even before the file goes to the printer.  Profiles are now submitted to National via an email to the link.  Marty asked when to make the profile completely available on the web site.  After some discussion, the decision was to make it visible on the 1st of the month, regardless of whether the hard copies hit the mailbox on time or not.  Dana recently sold a quarter page advertisement.  After the 1st of the year, Paul will working on posting a high resolution version on the web site as well.


Gordon is stepping down as DEC Chair.  Mark Viola and Ed are going to take over at IDP Coordinator.  The climb to the clouds had more participants this year than last year.   Gordon talked about the personalization aspects of getting participants and instructors to the events and the fact that has helped gain more participants.  He also stressed that we need to appeal to these people early to get the schools and instructors full.


Laura:  Membership is 731 this month, down from 746.  Apparently we are not alone, national numbers are down around 1.5%.  This may be an anomaly but in the next couple of months we hope for things to pick up a bit.  Mike suggested making an email blast for Christmas around memberships.  Laura suggested that we see about having a chapter member do a membership drive at dealerships during sales events or whatever.  Martin suggested a membership form be added to the hard copy profile or even a pointer to the web site so people can become members.


Marketing - Dana: The economy seems to be affecting our advertisers as well.  Some advertisers have pulled out and we’re not sure why.  It may be our price increase, it might be the economy in general.  Dick suggested that Dana come to the next meeting with a full list of advertisers and when their contract is up.    There is also a new advertiser.  Dick and Al and others talked about acknowledging our long time advertisers/supporters.  We need to weigh the costs and benefits.  There was a suggestion to do a “featured sponsor” or “featured advertiser” or two each month and have those rotate so everyone gets a shot.


Elections:  overall 95 votes, all on-line.  Another vote was cast, but it was determined that that person was no longer a member and therefore the vote was not counted.  61 people voted the first day.


President:  Alan Legerlotz 91, Mario Langsten 1, Tom Blinn 2


Vice President:  David Harrison 94, Erik Wensberg 1


Secretary:  Pete McDonough 93, Mike Francis 1


Treasurer:  Mike Dion 94


Mike Moran is going to take over as membership chair.  DEC Chair is open.  Cassandra is going to continue as SEC Chair.


There are more transitional things (Officer Questionnaire) that need to be done with respect to forms for National and for tax purposes to make sure things are done on time.


Cassandra’s Report (via email):


Our last meeting (Nov. 17th) minutes are on the website.  We are moving along nicely regarding the Holiday Reunion and will be promoting the event from now until mid-January.  Still taking silent auction donations.  One donor is providing $300 worth of great BMW merchandise (about four items) for the auction.  The SEC is also looking into two new possible events for 2009.  One is with Team O'Neil ( and the other is through Alpine Adventures ( ).  Both events will not cost the chapter anything as we need only pay for the people who attend, and pre-registration will be required. 
Lastly, I apologize for not getting the budget out to everyone as promised.  I have been w/o my PC since 11-12 and am  using Al's laptop.  Unfortunately, the SEC budget was on my hard drive only.  Once my new iMac arrives (tomorrow), I will be up and running shortly thereafter.....with my PC hard drive being accessed in a way that only an engineer can imagine!



The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.