February 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

by Pete McDonough February 11, 2009

Meeting Minutes for February 2009 Board Meeting



Date:                2-11-2009

Time:                6:30 PM                                                                         

Location:          Common Man, Concord, NH


Attendees: Dave Harrison, Pete McDonough, Mike Morin, Dana Sion, Paul Michali, Mark Viola


I.                    Holiday Party

We’re looking for final details on the party; consensus seemed to be that we made a profit.  There was discussion that the band leader made reference during the party to the club donating all proceeds/profit to charity; we needs to clarify with Cassandra how this will be handled.  We’ll try to get a ZF award to match our contribution to Make-a-Wish; we have until 2/15/10 to apply for these funds and the secretary will pursue the application.


II.                 DEC update

There was some general discussion  regarding DEC sponsorship, t-shirts at DEC events, general concern about attendance given the economy.  We wanted to know from Mike Dion who are sponsors have been in the past and what they’ve paid.  Regarding sponsor levels, should marketing and DEC work out the details and present back to the board?


III.               SEC

There was discussion about event for March at Parker’s Maple barn but no definitive details were available; may be difficult to coordinate this given that March is only two weeks away.  Still looking for a calendar of events from SEC.


Discussion of Dana adding classified add for a current non-member who is a current sponsor who is up for renewal soon.


IV.              Marketing


There was discussion of donating attendance at an ADSS event to NHPTV public auction; inexpensive to donate and could reap a good return for the club.

Estimate for business cards – 9 members at 500/per - $350; marketing needs at least 250 with specific information for Dana; maybe the rest of the board could get generic cards for in use promoting the chapter.  Dana and mike presented tentative budget; some items include table wrap, name tags with magnetic backings


Mike Morin added a presence for the club on Facebook (as a fan page) - is this something that the board needs to vote on? Mike has seen other chapters doing this – could be a good marketing tool…..and we have full control/policing over the page. 




V.                 New Business

Discussion of web site  – Paul’s hours for 2008 were 268 (admin and development) down substantially compared to his 2007 hours at 388. The domain has been switched over from Network Solutions to  One and One; done at no cost.  One and One now has both   whitemtn-bmwclub.org as well as  wmc-bmwcca.org (original).  This provides big benefits to the chapter including private domains.  We’ll eventually need to transfer payment responsibility from Paul directly over to the chapter.


Paul advised that he submitted his budget which included SSL; not sure if we will justify given that it costs as much to host the site ($60/yr).  Alternative might be to load hot shield or hot spot shield (free software).


The meeting closed at roughly 8:30 PM.