March 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

by Pete McDonough March 11, 2009



Meeting Minutes for March 2009 Board Meeting


Date:                3-11-2009

Time:                6:30 PM                                                                         

Location:          conference call


Al Legerlotz, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto, Dave Harrison, Michael Morin, Dana Sion, Bruce Smith, Pete McDonough, Dick Cadieux, Paul Michali


I. Ad space for Alan Goddu - Approved


Alan Goddu (former club president and long-term member) is looking to raise funds to help pay for his daughter’s health insurance. We discussed providing him free ad space in this month’s profile; the space would be created by deferring an article to next month’s issue or just creating an insert. We also discussed adding his ad to the web site free of charge.  Both of these items were approved by the board; Dick, Martin and Paul will work with Alan to get content up to the web and to the printer as soon as possible.


II. Proposal for driving / marketing sponsorship – Approved


Various aspects of Laura’s latest proposal were discussed. It was clarified that the “driving events” portion of the sponsorship would be a use it or lose it type of benefit and that the sponsor would award spots to those events at their discretion.  Paul raised the question of proposed sponsorship costs compared with what we are currently charging sponsors – Is the cost/benefit comparable with current programs? The board voted to approve the proposal; Dana will let Laura know to begin implemtation.


III. Sponsorships


Dana provided an update and advised that renewals are a mixed bag.  He noted that Liberty Mutual is planning to renew but hasn’t yet as they work to receive approval to run the same ad that they’ve been running in Roundel; they will continue to sponsor Street Survival and other events. Past sponsors who have dropped include the plumber Euro Depot, Tulley (no response) and Escort.  Dana will try Valentine One and others to increase the numbers. Al requested that Dana update his sponsor spreadsheet with 2009 status.  Michael noted that at current ad rates, the profile would turn a profit if all ads were filled.


IV. Driving Events


A separate DEC call is scheduled for next week.  ADSS and Cabin Fever are scheduled for the last week in April.  So far, only 20 people have registered for the events and we’ll need roughly 50 to break even; deadline for decision (go/no-go) is 4/15.


Bruce Smith and Mark Viola attended this year’s National Driving Events Conference in New Orleans. Highlights of the conference and related discussion as follows:



V. Membership - Approved


Michael made a motion requesting approval of the chapter’s presence on Facebook.  Michael created the page and noted that many other chapters have Facebook pages. Co-links will be established between the page and chapter site.  All three board members in attendance voted in favor.


Additionally, Michael reported that membership increased slightly (compared to last month). We lost  2 people from outside the region while we gained 5 from within NH; total membership is now at 713.  The highest number of members still hail from Rockingham county; Nashua has the most members at 48, followed by Manchester and Bedford.




Cassandra reported that the holiday party broke even and raised $1100 for Make-a-Wish; the check has already been sent. All SEC events for the remainder of the year will be cost neutral except possibly go-karting; more updates to follow on this event.



VII. Marketing Budget


Dana provided details for the marketing budget; items include spending for small meetings, name tags, giveaway items, table cover, business cards issue etc.  He’ll provide a complete list via email to Al.  The discussion around business cards was that it likely made sense for Al and Dana to have personalized cards; the rest of the board and member ship at large could have generic cards that promote the benefits of chapter membership (Pete will work on the content for these cards and forward to Dana).  Dana also reviewed a local company (Londonderry) called Embroid-Me as a resource for wearables; Dana will bring samples to our next meeting.


IIX. Website


Paul advised the group that he’d removed references to the “climb to the clouds” event and made updates to profile page and medical forms as required.