July 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

by Pete McDonough July 6, 2009

July 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

By Pete McDonough July 6, 2009


Meeting Minutes for July 2009 Board Meeting

Date:                07-06-2009

Time:                6:30 PM                                                                         

Location:          Common Man, Concord, NH

Attendees:        Dana Sion, Mark Viola, Al Legerlotz, Paul Michali, Michael Morin, Pete McDonough, Laura Fallis, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto


There were no items voted on at this meeting so the following is a review of discussion only.


I.                    Diesel Demo Night

 A quick review of this event was provided by Dana.  The event was held in partnership with IRA BMW, BMW NA and the chapter in late May.  By all accounts, the event was a success and included a technical session provided by the BMW’s regional field engineer, an opportunity to see the X5 diesel up on the lift and the test drives of both the 3 series and X5 models.  The event was well attended by club members, non-members and IRA employees.  We were pleased to report that there was absolutely no “selling” pressure by the dealership and that it was truly a fun, educational and informational event.


II.                 Membership

 Membership is currently at 706, up from 688 in May and was driven in part by Street Survival class.  Also, results of the recently issued survey were covered.  Feedback indicated that the top ways by which members learned of the club were word of mouth, dealership (during purchase of a vehicle) and vendor referrals.  Additionally, respondents indicated that top events include, High Performance Driving, Advanced Driving Skills, the Winter Reunion, business meetings and rallies.  Six people indicated that would be signing up for slots on various committees.


III.               Social

Progress for planning associated with the Winter Reunion was covered.  The Derryfield Country Club in Manchester has been confirmed as the location and a (reduced) deposit of $500 was put down to secure the venue. 97 North will be the band for the evening at a cost of $800 ($1500 had been budgeted).  3D Auto has signed on to sponsor $1500 of the required $2000 in sponsorships for the event and we are actively pursuing items for the silent auction.  A portion of the money raised will be provided to the BMW Foundation and Wynne Smith will attend the event.  The Haunted Rally is still scheduled for October but the Wine and Cheese Rally has been pushed to next spring.  Karting has also been pushed out to next year.


IV.              Sponsorship

HMS and BAV are on board for the July events and Laura is meeting with IRA this week to secure their support.  Additional follow up is required with Karma Threads and Turner Motorsports.  Liberty Mutual has renewed as has 3D Autoworks.  We also had discussion about aligning the renewal of advertising for the beginning of the calendar year.


V.                 Web Site

We’re now in maintenance mode and there is no active development work in progress.


VI.              DEC

For the July HPD event, we’re currently anticipating being in the red by ($3200); we’ll need 18 more participants to break even.  Email blasts will be issued to drive further participation; DEC committee will meet next week and will discuss go/no-go options.