February 2010 Board Meeting

By Roland Beaule

All In Attendance: Mark Viola, David Harrison, Roland Beaule, Paul Michali, Dana Sion, Mike Morin, Bill and Sue Macduff, Jerry and Jason Paukett.

Called to order at: 6:45pm

-Went around the table for Introductions.

-Went over the Email from Casandra about the Winter Reunion.


WINTER REUNION 2010First, the SEC met last week and the members are aware of and agree with the Winter Reunion suggestions for the coming year. Attached please find the final numbers regarding the 2010 event. We ran at a loss (less than $900). Some of the loss is attributed to five dinners that were given away and never used (about $300 worth of meals). The balance came from not being able to obtain another sponsor in lieu of Liberty Mutual's inability to sponsor again this year. (Liberty Mutual was a 3-Series sponsor last year which was $500.)

The evening went well with many praises about the food and music. There were some complaints about the noise level, and the SEC has addressed this (see below re: 2011 party). There were only a few issues surrounding auction items. All auction items that had an issue were received by the Foundation and has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

Though the entertainment was much less than in 2009, the venue ended up being slightly more than anticipated. Again, this has been addressed by the SEC for 2011.

All of the monies have been received, and are being sent to Mike Dion. There were a couple of checks that did not arrive until the past week.

WINTER REUNION 2011After reviewing the comments and much discussion on the part of the SEC, a decision has been made to make some dramatic changes to the Winter Reunion. The items considered are as follows:

Most people leave around 9:30/10pm;Many people complained about noise level with live music - even though everyone liked the music being played;Some people complained in the past about the live entertainment - being either too base or too tame;A precedent has been set by the club that many people expect to pay no more than $25 for this event; andThe silent auction is a good event though large priced items do not do well as the people attending are not willing to spend the money.

Therefore, the SEC has decided on the following for 2011:

Limit the number of attendees to the event to no more than 50;Continue to charge no more than $40 per person;Change the venue to The Common Man in Concord; The silent auction will benefit the club 100%; and Have a DJ to provide background music only - no live entertainment.

The Common Man will allow us to use our house charge for the event which eliminates the need to have a check or someone available to pay. It also allows Mike Dion to see the charge with the monthly bill from the Common Man. Additionally, the room at the Common Man has its own entrance and offers free valet parking which are wonderful perks. The room to be used has its own bar as well. The cost of the meal should be less than what we have paid this year and help to reduce the cost of the event.

The silent auction proceeds will all go to the chapter. This should help to offset any costs as well as provide a positive cash flow. If this was done in 2010, the net profit to the club would've been about $200 - including all of the free meals given!

I would like to ask the Board to approve this course of action and allow the SEC to book the room with the Common Man (with the club's discount will be $200 for a room deposit) at this time.

-Bill Macduff proposed asking for a percentage of the cash bar.

UPCOMING SEC EVENTS The following events are being planned by the SEC:

Parker's Maple Barn and Maple Syrup Leisure Tour: This is a no cost event for the club and allows members to meet at Parker's for breakfast (Pay For Your Own) and then take a leisurely tour of the maple syrup highlights in the area. (March 28th)LaBelle Winery Wine Tasting: This is in the making and again is no cost to the club. Tentative May Baseball Game: This is being researched with possible dates in June or August. Hot Laps Go-Karting: Work in progress with tentative date of July 31st. Will have additional details at the next Board meeting. Haunted Rally: Repeat of last year's Rally with tentative date in October. Again, little to no cost to the chapter.

Want to check with shipping of auction items.


-All driving pages are updated, new banners and photos.

-Promoting sponsorships-Multiple banners are available.

-Refresh of SEC pages are coming.

-Article in Profile for membership


-Laura still needs to confirm sponsors

-Called at: 8:30