Board Meeting Minutes, March 6, 2002
	by George Bixby	March 6, 2002

The meeting was called to order by Mike Francis at 6:35 pm at Jillianís in Manchester, NH. In attendance were Mike Lussier, George Bixby, Peter Duffy, Dick Cadieux, Bruce Smith, Rob Greer, Patty Bixby, Marty Callahan, Pat Francis, Lee Walsh, Mel Walsh, Dan Croteau, Tom Blinn, Paul Michali, Erica Shults, and Corinne Tomlinsen.

Mike Francis opened the meeting by asking Mike Lussier to give the treasurerís report. Mike reported that the chapter's bills were all current with the exception of some expenses for the Rally Cross. He added that the chapter had broke even on the Rally Cross.

Mike Francis asked Patty Bixby to report on activities. Patty replied that she had scheduled an event at the Simone Pierce glass works but needed a $300 deposit to hold the date. She explained that the deposit would be applied to the expenses. Patty added that the date scheduled was Sunday, June 9th. There was a question about how many participants the event would be open to and how much it would cost. Patty answered that the event was planned for forty people at about forty ($40) dollars per person.

There was a question if the event would be open to children? Patty said that children could attend but might not enjoy it. Mike added that the club could schedule an event, which involved children, after the club gained experience with these types of events. Mike stated that he would entertain any new event that had the opportunity to break even, financially, the first time out. It was motioned from the floor, to expend the $300 and proceed with the event, seconded, and carried by unanimous vote.

Next, Mike asked Peter Duffy to report on membership. Peter informed the club that the chapter had about 620 members. Peter then explained that he was targeting non-renewed members and was addressing letters of inquiry to them.

Mike brought up the topic of Autocross chair. He noted that normally the Driverís Ed Committee would handle this subject. Mike explained that he had made numerous attempts to contact Matt Kogan without success. He expressed concern that the Autocross schedule and budget was not in place, when normally it would be at this time. He was concerned that the Autocross program was not coming together and that a co-chair could not be found. Mike Lussier added that the program, after two years, was not breaking even despite an increase in attendance. It was noted that the first proposed event was to be on April 28th.

Mike proposed that the chapter draft a letter, to Matt, explaining that the club was going to assign the Autocross chair to another member and thank him for his service to the Autocross series. Also, Mike proposed that the chapter appoint Lee Walsh as Autocross Chair. It was so motioned from the floor, seconded, and passed by unanimous vote. Lee addressed the members and explained some of his ideas for the Autocross series.

Mike asked Bruce Smith about the email distribution list. Bruce explained that he was proposing expanding the chapterís E-mail address list for the purpose of more efficient communication to the chapterís members. There was some concern about distribution of the list. Bruce replied that he would maintain the list and would not be distributed to anyone. He added that it would be for the White Mountain Chapterís use only. He asked that an add be placed in the Profile soliciting chapter memberís E-mail address for this purpose. It was motioned by Peter Duffy that Bruce assemble and maintain the E-mail distribution list. The motion was seconded by Lee Walsh, and the motion was passed by unanimous vote.

George brought up the topic of the chapterís invitation to the Union Leaderís columnist, Jeanne Morris. He said that in communication with Ms. Morris, she told him that she was not able to attend the Advanced Skill School before our April 19th, Cabin Fever, Driverís school but wanted to attend the school. He relayed that she had taken a Skip Barber school. Rob Greer suggested that this be taken up with the Driverís Ed Committee. Mike instructed George to confirm the school and relay the information to Ed Valpey. Peter Duffy offered to instruct Ms Morris at the April 19th school.

Mike asked the membership if there was any new business for the club to consider? Mike Lussier brought up advertising for this year. Mike said that he was unaware of any renewals for this year. Mike replied that this would have to be taken up with Phil Brown.

Mike Lussier also reminded the membership that next monthís membership/board of directorís meeting would be held at ďThe YardĒ restaurant, located of Rt. 28 in Manchester.

Peter Duffy suggested that the chapter think about new ideas for chapter events.

Mike Francis mentioned to the membership that he had received an E-mail form the Track Manager at Beaver Run, to introduce themselves to see if there was any interest in having a future driving event there.

Mike asked if there was other new business for the club to consider? There was none and the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.