April Board Meeting

By Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mark Viola,David Harrison,Roland Beaule,Paul Michali,Dana Scion,Mike Morin,Cassandra Vorisec-Creto, Al Creto.

Called to Order at: 6:35

-General- NHMS Open house went great. NHMS only wants 2 contacts.

Ed from VSR is running a vintage event and wants to use the car, hoses and cones. The question that came up from Paul was about insurance. Will go back to Ed to see what kind of coverage he has for the car and driver, The hoses and cones are fine.


-Brochures for membership. Price is expensive. Staples charges $1 a piece. Will look into other printers for better price.

-Try a 2 prong approach at local shops and dealers to hand out.

-Dana proposed setting up a dummy account to track new membership.

-Membership numbers: March 696

-Mike would like to by a membership to NHDA for $600. Discussed it and found it not to be a good deal for the club.

-We would like to try to get into the Made in NH Expo.

-Al asked the question, Do we contact non-members that come to the Driving Events?


-Season is open this month. Still tying to get brochures to professional driving schools for the Street survival.


-Looking at Free fun Events:

Fisher Cats game,Haunted Rally in October,Myopia Polo mach and drive


Called at 835pm