May Board meeting

By Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mark Viola,David Harrison,Roland Beaule,Dana Scion,Mike Morin,Paul Michali,Dick Cadieux,Jeff Hasler.

Called to order at: 6:45

SEC: Holiday Reunion is on track. Fisher cats game on Sunday June 20th at 1:45, Tickets are $12=$1 for mailing. Hot laps deposit check is all set, July 31. Exotic car show at Merrimack brewery is August 21st. Oct 17th Haunted Rally is all set. Polo match and ride. October 3rd BavAuto Show and Shine.

Want to do something different for the silent auction. Make a donation to a charity taking the pressure off the SEC, Voted on and all in favor. Charity for Holiday Reunion- NH Food Bank, Voted on and all in favor. Suggestion by Dick- Bring a can good and get a bonus.

Website: Working on the Fisher cats page. Need some photo's. Come up with a simple Reg sign-up.

DEC: April Event, Record numbers at ADSS. Good shape for the rest of the year. More sponsors and lower costs. Good street survivor, 11 kids showed up.

Awesome feedback from NHMS open house. We had more going on in our booth.

Membership: Membership is up in March by 2 and April by 4. Start sending out a “New Membership Letter” to new members.

Marketing: Sales are up on the newsletter.

Called at: 8:30