June Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mike Morin, Dana Sion, Mark Viola, Roland Beaule Paul Michali, David and Rachelle Harrison, Paul Lillios

Called to order at: 6:45

SEC: Concerned about money. Hot Laps going out of business. Check is in the mail. 5 Fisher Cats tix left for the fathers day game(sending out an Email blat). Track session and Holiday reunion still on track.

Sponsorship: No changes from last month.

DEC: Mark Viola and Paul Michali went to NHMS for a media event with Casey Mears and semi pro golfers.

The time has come for the club to invest in a projector. A vote on spending up to $400 on a projector. All in favor, Motion passed.

Advertising: New ads for Profile, NH Speed and New England Dragway.

Membership: Stayed the same as last month.

Website: Dana would like to ad advertisers and sponsors. When you log onto admin there is a bulletin area. Paul is working on a registration area.

Called at: 8:35