August Board Meeting

By:Roland Beaule Jr

All in Attendance: Mark Viola, David and Rachelle Harrison, Roland Beaule, Mike Morin, Dana Sion, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto, Al Creto, Tracy Wolf

Called to order at: 6:40

We have $100 dollars in coupons for merchandise at CCA site. Use them to get favors for Holiday reunion. Cassandra had a thought to CCA to put in to get better items.

DEC: The driving events went well. The August events have been canceled. The track was ok with this. DEC is pretty much done for the year except for October skid school.

SEC: Date for polo event is set for September 26. Ways to get involvement with SEC, Have a meet and greet. Trying to Will Turner from Turner Motorsport to come. The charity holiday reunion, NH Food Bank. The second Fisher Cats game went well.

Gonna try to ask the Fisher Cats for a box for a Holiday Reunion party .

The Exotic Car Show is August 21st. Dana will contact BMW of Statham to come.

Marketing: New Advertiser, Need the contract and Deposit. Bavauto hasn’t paid yet. 3D hasn’t sent check yet.

Membership: Is down 1 to 696. NH membership is up.

September meeting opens nominations for new board seats.

Called: 8:20