October Board Meeting

By Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Roland Beaule, Mike Morin, Dana Sion,David Thibodeau, Mark Viola, Cassandra Vorisec-Creto, David and Rachelle Harrison, Tracy Wolf.

Called to order at: 6:37

SEC: Show and Shine was packed. BavAuto free stuff gone by lunchtime. Would have been nice to be under tent with vendors with power. Sold 3 memberships.

October 17th is the haunted rally. 12 cars so far should be showing up. Will be a lunch meal.

Winter Reunion website up and running. Goes live in Nov. Donation items are coming in.

2011 Events are started being planned:

Ice Hokey, Parker House, Open House

Mark asked about costs on Reunion- $200 for room. Food $30-$35 per plate.

DEC: Wrapped up last ADSS with 12-13 people attending.

Help Boston with 3 day in October.

Dates for next year:

Do something with the club and IRL.

Pre-race pit pass or coral.


Membership: Down to 682 members

Other stuff: Nomination for offices in October

Paul needs some Ballot Questions if needed.

Closed At: 8:30