December Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mark Viola, Roland Beaule, Mike Morin, Dana Sion, David Harrison, Paul Michali, Paul Lillious, David Thibodeau

called to order at: 6:42

Elections: Close out elections. Tallies- 64 online, 1 in person.

Pres-Mark Viola, VP-David Harrison, Secretary-Roland Beaule, Treasurer-Mike Dion

Meetings for 2011-

Board- second Mon of the month

SEC- Last Mon of the month

DEC- Have a couple of meetings when things come up.

Airport Dinner in Manchester a possibility for meeting location.

SEC: Winter Reunion 22 January

February19 3D Auto Tech session

March 2nd Open House Common Man windham

Parker House- March

Monarch game is off

Dana said all the charges for the winter reunion will be put on club charge account.

DEC: Waiting for new contract to see if prices will go up.

Dick and Mark went to regional DEC meeting. Need to corroborate with other clubs to get on the same page.

Do we need any new equipment? We need new manifolds.

Website: Dick Demaine can help out on website. Paul gave him the guide and set him up with an account.

2 big changes- New gallery and admin page. Consider- Would like to upgrade SSL, Consider new hosting place.

Paul will report hours at a later date.

Marketing/Sponsorship: Checking with Insurance companies.

Steve Hamon- Wants to work with us for Tully BMW.

Membership: Lowest point in the last 3 years at 672.

Logo: New logo, lop off the roundel and go with that for now. Update the Profile and Website.

Called at: 8:55