January Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in attendance: Mike Morin, Dana Sion, Mark Viola, Roland Beaule, David Harrison.

Called to order at: 6:30

General Business: Email going out about Common Man charges. Martin's contract was read, A few tweaks need to be made. Mark will make changes and send it back to him.

Mark got the Email back from Germany about the logo. It didn’t pass. But it is up to speed.

Paul is redesigning the website for the new logo, He is on track with that.

Mark talked to Paul about switching servers from OnetoOne to Dream host. Cheaper to switch, Better for Email blasts and more secure.

Dave Harrison will get with Mike to get the NH Food Bank check to Cassandra for the Winter Reunion.

DEC: Cassandra asked the DEC what they are going to do for the auction. Mark said they will donate 1 ADSS and 1 HPDS.

Still waiting on the contract from the track. No winter events are planned.

Marketing: Working on the new Logo and doing stuff on Face Book.

Dana is asking if we want to be involved with an organization called “Touch a Truck”. Would like to get with 3D Auto about doing something with the race car and Dave. Need to get a date.

Membership: Down a few to 665 for December, December of “08” we had 713.

182 members on Face Book.

Called at: 8:10