February Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Roland and Vivian Beaule, Mark Viola, David and Rochelle Harrison, Paul and Andrea Michali, Mike Morin, Dana Sion, Martin Callahan.

Called to order at: 6:34

SEC: Planned the 2012 winter reunion. Same venue and band. Board voted and Yes.

Tech session at 3D Auto. Rochelle well give Deb a head count on wed-thru. Cassandra will be promoting open house and Parker house events. Roland brought up about BMW of Stratham Owners Event.

DEC: No word from track on new contract. Schools will be opening soon.

New Logo: We will be going with Logo A

Membership: Is up. 674 in January, up by 9. Facebook we're at 190 members.

Website: Paul did an analysis. Paul says Dream Host is cheaper all around. Price is similar but Dream Host offers a lot more.

May is when 1 on 1 is up.

Board took a vote on going with dream host, and it was unanimous.

New web design is 98% done. Special thanks to Paul and his daughter for their hard work on the new design.

Marketing: New sponsor but no check yet. Its a lubricant company. Was contacted through Facebook. Check with Made in NH for new advertizing. The problem is everyone wants the bigger ad for little money.

Martin: Brought the new contract for signature. We will look at it and get it back to him.

Called at: 9:08