March Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Roland Beaule, Dana sion, Mike Morin, Mark Viola, Brad Anderson, Derik Anderson, Paul Michali, Paul, Martin Callahan.

DEC: Track gave us surprise this year. New contract. This year we need an extra rescue truck. Messed up the Street Survival date May 8th instead of the 7th. Mark wants thoughts leave out the wet figure 8. SS has 2 signed up as of today 3/14/11.

Website: New site is running. Paul is testing on host. Need to do testing on time zones and Email blasts.

Financials: Filed taxes and national. Need to focus on Ad revenue meet expenses.

Membership: Membership is down to 667. No new members this month. Twitter has 19 followers, Facebook has 200 follower/fans.

SEC: Parkers Maple barn March 27th 8am. Mark got an Email about maybe switching some SEC Events to Saturday mornings instead of Sunday. Meeting about Merrimack show, Any input?

Marketing: New advertiser, No reply from them yet. Still looking at Touch-A-Truck.

Called at: 8:30