December Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mark Viola, Dana Sion, Paul Michali, Roland Beaule, Mike Morin, David Harrison, Martin Callahan, Bruce Smith, Jay Ashby

Called to order at: 6:40

Voting polls are closed. The tallies are as follows:

President- Mark Viola

Vice President- David Harrison

Secretary- Roland Beaule

Treasurer- Mike Dion


October 3-day event. Money is still coming in. Roughly 6-7K in the black.

2012 driving schedule is up on the website.

ADSS- April 28, October 7,

Advanced Driving Schools- April 13, June 8th, October 19-21

Street survival- June 23rd


Election are wrapping up

Winter Reunion is filling up

Johann is working on converting to joonla system of website so volunteers is easier.

Membership: We are at 616 members, down 3.1%.

580 are NH members

50- twitter followers

241- Facebook members, 6 are talking about page

SEC: Find out what the charity need besides money.

Dine & Drive- First one is at The Lake House in Meredith NH on January 29


Jan 1- Dec 8th Total revenue $84,000

Total Expenses $72,000

Spent $9500 on Profile

Advertizing revenue $2300

Member rebates $7000

Called at: 8:40