June Board Meeting

By Roland Beaule Jr.

All in attendance: David and Rochelle, Mike Morin, Dana Sion, Johann Wrede, Roland Beaule, Walt

Called to order at: 6:40

DEC: The question was brought up about a formal press release street survival.

Registration for SS is doing good.

Ask Mark if we can go to the Airport Dinner for meetings.

SEC: Hoping the drive-n-dines will draw people in.

Drive-n-dine July- Kimbles in Jaffery

September- Simon Pierce

Idea: A calender on the center fold of the Profile with three months of events in them. Something for people to hang up on the wall as a reminder.

Membership: Jan 626. now we are at 657

How about getting business cards that we can put on a windshield for membership.

Called At: 8;10