May 2002 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	May 1, 2002

The meeting was called to order, by Mike Francis, at 6:50 pm at The Yard in Manchester, NH. In attendance were George Bixby, Larry Churchill, Dick Cadieux, Rob Greer, Pat Francis, Marty Callahan, Lee Walsh, Mel Walsh, Phil Brown, Tom Blinn, Alan Legerlotz, Dana Sion, Erica Shults, and Corinne Tomlinsen.

Mike opened the meeting with an update on the Cabin Fever Driving School. He said that there had been three or four cancellations but there were also 14 wait listed. He reported that the changes to NHIS were complete but the new pavement was not used. He added that at the previous weekendís SCCA regionals, the corners had been coned off.

Mike informed the chapter of some information from Alan Goddu. It was stated that Exeter Hospital will add advanced skill school to its event (May 15th). Eighty-five (85) participants will be divided into four (4) groups. He said that the event needed Skill school instructors and any chapter members that could assist would be greatly appreciated. He added that instructors would be paid for their services. He relayed that previously, other instructors had been contracted but event organizers were not satisfied by their performance and they were not invited back.

Mike reported that there would be no treasurers report because Mike Lusier was on vacation.

Mike asked about the activities chair report. George responded that Patty was unavailable but reported that things were all set for June 9th. He said that Patty had received a few registrants so far, but was looking forward to the eventís announcement in the "Profile".

Mike asked Lee Walsh to report on the April 28th Autocross. Lee stated that despite bad weather (cold rain), twenty-six (26) of the forty (40) registrants showed up. Everybody got about six runs in even though they concluded the event earlier than normal. Lee thanked Tom Blinn for his assistance in running the event. He reported that the event had been scored and the results forwarded to the web site for posting.

He added that he would be writing an article and including pictures for inclusion in the next issue of the "Profile". Lee commented that only three (3) BMWís were present and he was looking forward to more participation by club members. He asked Phil Brown if the club has any rules against including a junior kart division for autocross. Phil said he was uncertain but said he would check into it.

Mike reported that Bruce had informed him that sign up for the E-mail list would be on the front cover of this monthís "Profile".

Mike told the chapter he was in communication with the chapterís web service about refreshing the web siteís main page. He said that he would report on those efforts at a later date.

There was no membership report because Peter Duffy was not in attendance.

Mike asked the membership if there was any new business for the club to consider.

Marty Callahan asked about any movement on the invitation to work in an event to Bridgeton, Maine (made by Jason Stretch of S-Tech Motorsports)? George replied that he thought Patty hadnít been able to do anything with it yet. Marty proposed the chapter organize a fun rally with Bridgeton being the destination. There was some discussion about this and it was decided that Marty should pursue this idea. Marty asked if anyone would consider helping plan and work the event. Corinne said that she would help Marty plan the event and George volunteered to help the day of the event.

There was no other new business and the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.