October Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mark Viola, Dave and Rochelle Harrison, Dana Sion, Mike Morin, Roland Beaule, Al Creto, Johann Wrede

Called to order at: 6:35

DEC: The DEC is done for the season. We should end up in the black, Light year and next year should be the same.

-Some key positions may become available. Mike brought up about having a liaison for the newbies with questions at ADSS. Dana suggested putting a colored in the window if they need an instructors help. We can offer an intensive for helping with an event, like half off an event.

SEC: Winter reunion, Page should be up. Registration in November

Drive and Dines, 10/28 Robies in hooksett, 11/29 Holy Grail in Epping, 1/2013 Harts Turkey Farm

Sponsorship- Bently will donate, feel free to contact 3D Auto, Brophy Wealth management $250, Contact BavAuto, Should give the usual package of $200 gift certificates.

Membership: September- 636

Financials: Sitting right around $20,00 in the bank, Full report should be ready for December meeting.

Elections: It's election season. Oct is nomination month. November is election month.

Rochelle renewed the mailbox good for another year.

Called at: 9:00