March Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in attendance: Dave Harrison, Roland Beaule, Johann, Dana Sion, Mike Morin, Buddy Gregory.

Called to order at: 6:40

SEC: Meeting at the end of the month. Parkers is on March 24.

8 People said yes on FB.

Finance: Still working on the handover of the account to Johann. Common venders are now online Bill-pay.

Checking- $17,221.40

Investments- $5,236.24

Revenue from Motor reg- $917.90

membership dues- $689

Profile: Martin said to cut costs got to B&W but cant change advertisers as much, then a downward spiral would start. Proposed an idea about getting photos for the Profile, Win you car Photo on the cover of the Profile.

Dave and Johann are going to the NER BMWCCA Chapter Congress, If anyone has anything for congress let them know.

Bentley is putting together “The Hack Mechanic” and the author is doing a book signing.

Membership: February up 15 members to 651

NH Public auctions- Dave will bring it to the DEC to see whats available.

We could slip in with Boston at Lars Anderson BMW show.

Called at: 8:20