January Board Meeting

By Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: David Harrison, Mark Viola, Paul Michali, Roland Beaule, David Thibideau, Dana.

Called to order at: 6:46

General information: We gave $1000 to the BMW Foundation.

SEC: The winter reunion went well. A few issues that need to be addressed. Need to find the BavAuto gift certificates, No general manager came to check on us, No one to sign for bill.

Profile: Looking for some one for collections editor. Will still have Martin to do the profile and he is happy to do it.

DEC: All is good. Waiting on the Contract from NHMS. Track fees will be going up. ADSS April 12th and April 18th for cabin fever. End of summer is September 27/28. Starts at $225 for early bird and up for late registration.

SEC: Next event is Tech session at 3D February 1.

Membership: Numbers are steady nothing major to report.

Dana- Brought up the idea of getting a hat with our logo on it. Dave suggested a mid grade hat.

Called at: 8:00