July Board Meeting

By:Roland Beaule

All in attendance: Paul Michali, Roland Beaule, Dick Easten, Dana Sion, David Harrison, Bety Sue and Carl Hyden, Johann Wrede, Tom Stoll, Bob, Walter Wolf.

Called to order at: 7:08

SEC: Next event is Larz Anderson BMWCCA day August10th, Hosted by Boston Chapter.

September 13th Yankee Candle Factory, 11am for lunch. October BavAuto show and Shine First Sunday. Looking for ideas for Winter reunion. Johann put in a suggestion for an event of brewing your own beer in Nashua.

DEC: Driving events are open to the public. 3 Day event in September with chilli on Saturday night.

Finance: Mark said the account for DEC is down. Cabin fever was $1500 in the hole. Attributed to track cost and insurance. May have been billed twice for track. Some march invoices came in June.

New Business: Carl suggested that we run an article in the Profile about the name tags. Name tags for the board members are being ordered.

Called at: 8:30