October Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

Called to order at: 6:45

All in Attendance: David Harrison, Dana Sion, Mark Viola, Roland Beaule, Walter Wolf, Johann Wrede, Chris Hagarty.

DEC: The September event went good. Revenue wise kind of slow. People got plenty of track time.

Elections: We need to by the By-Laws Nominate for board members. David read the by-laws. Nominations for the board members commenced. David Harrison, Dana Sion, Roland Beaule, Johann Wrede were all nominated. Mark Viola said he will be stepping down from DEC chair.

SEC: David will reach out to Cassandra about SEC chair.

New sponsor maybe, Perfection Automotive. Cory is very excited to do business. Dave and Dana have made contact with him.

Hoping to get new sponsors and keep good with present ones.

December Profile is coming out so Dave said time to come up with a new calender for meetings. May have some new venue changes.

If anyone have Ideas foe SEC events let us know.

Called at: 8:25