June Board Meeting

By: Roland Beaule

All in Attendance: Mike Kirk, Betty Sue and Carl Hydren, Chris Hagerty, Paul Michali, David Harrison, Roland Beaule, Dave and Sue Tedeschi, Dana Sion, Tom and Kelly Stoll, Walter Wolf

Called to Order at: 6:40

David Harrison passed around a sheet to sign in for records

Membership: Membership is holding steady for the month of June.

SEC: Marybeth setup her first event. Bowling at Merrimack ten pin. 9 people showed up. Offer from Tamworth for a behind the scenes tour. Maybe dinner at Hobbs Brewery. Castle in the clouds tour. Week of BavAuto, Saturday meet at Redline dinner and visit BavAuto.

August 9th is Larz Anderson BMW Day.

Perfection Auto said we can use their location to start a rally or Car and Coffee.

Treasury: Walter went through the files and folders and getting up to date on sponsors and Advertising. $9434.56 in savings. All bills are paid. Payments went out for Profile today. Walt said where suppose to have an Annual audit but no record of one.

David Harrison talked to Josh at Tulley and went over about the club. May have an in with Tulley and they seamed very interested in what we could offer.

Called at: 8:15