July Board Meeting

All in Attendance: Dana Sion, Chris Hagerty, Kelly Stoll, Betty Sue and Carl, Paul Michali, Walter Wolf, David Harrison, Mike Patang, Mindy Whilimans, Dave and Sue Tedaski, Roland Beaule

Called to order at: 6:38

David got in touch with Tulley and Ultimate Auto to advertize in the Profile.

The board OK the split of page 2 in the profile

SEC: Larz Anderson BMW Day August 9th.

DEC: Performance driving July 11

Photo Contest for the Profile discussed

We gave away a seat for the driving school for a silent auction

Finances: Bills are paid. $5500 about in the account. The check for last years Street Survival school is in the mail $2000. Vintage does work for the club for advertizing. Advertisers that were in arrears are on the way to being up to date.

New Business: Dave Tedeski asked about selling merchandise. He also asked about getting a logo done.

Called at: 8:13