December Board Meeting

By Roland Beaule

Called to order at: 6:40

Biggest event tonight is voting is closing


Spike in Profile bill

Membership: 668 members, Twitter-286 up by 6, Facebook-599.

DEC: David T is planning dates for 2016, met with NHMS. Dates for April and OCT. New track in Caneon. Chasing Tamworth for dates. Trying for February event at F1 Boston. David T is staying as DEC chair.

SEC: F1 Boston set for February20th. Bowling January31st, Parkers Maple Barn March. Yankee Candle Factory May 15th. 2016 Charity is People Against Distracted Drivers.

Finance: Savings-$1.04, Checking-$10,327.03. One bill in process Common Man Nov $435.22. Dec rebates have been received.

Voting: Polls are closed at 7:10 12/14/15.

Secretary- Roland Beaule

Treasurer- Bruce Bergeron

Vice President- Paul Lilious

President- David Thibodeau

Get with DEC and SEC and Webmaster

Elections are closed at 7:22

David T said to keep focus on social media to keep people informed

Mike Morin brought all the membership chair stuff to pass on to the next Chair.

Called at: 7:50