February WebEx Meeting

The White Mountain Chapter Board of Directors met via WebEx starting at 6:30pm on February 4 2016.  David Thibodeau, President; Paul Lillios, Vice President; Bruce Bergeron, Treasurer; and Roland Beaule, Secretary were present.  Also invited to participate were David Harrison, Social Event Committee Chair; Martin Callahan, Newsletter Editor; and Tom Giffen, Membership Chair.

The purpose of the meeting was to understand the Chapter's planned activities and assist the Board in developing a budget for  2016.

The SEC requested four (4) planning meetings to be supported by the Chapter.     Most other social events such as bowling, Parker's Maple Barn, Yankee Candle, etc. are member "pay as you go". Other events for the second half of the year are planned but not yet in detail.

The joint SEC/DEC F1 Boston karting event in February is projected to "break even" financially.

The DEC expects to run 2 HPDE events this year in partnership with the Boston Chapter, and is exploring the possibility of an HPDE in Canaan.  Two ADSS and one Street Survival event are planned for April, June and October.  If all of these events are run a planned they are expected to generate about $8000 in revenue.

David Thibodeau plans to call at least four (4) general membership meetings - these will be at a sponsor/advertiser's location whenever possible to minimize expense to the Chapter. 

Martin presented various options for printing and mailing the Newsletter.  The Board decided to hire Southport Printing based in Portsmouth for future issues as they will be a lower cost and local New Hampshire supplier.  

After much discussion, it was also decided to schedule the next Newsletter printing for May 1.  The decision to go to a 4 or 5 issue per year schedule will be revisited mid-year once the revenue numbers for the first few driving events are available.

There being no further business, the meeting was ended at 7:30.