October 2002 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	October 2, 2002

The meeting was called to order, by Mike Francis, at 6:50 pm at The Yard in Manchester, NH. In attendance were George Bixby, Tom Blinn, Phil Brown, Marty Callahan, Dick Cadieux, Susan Dugdale, and Paul Michali.

Mike Francis began the meeting by sharing correspondence with the club. He shared that Greg Scott (the chapterís web master) requested an increase in the monthly fee that the chapter paid for his services. Mike added that presently, we pay him $80 and he was requesting $120. There was some discussion about the request with those in attendance expressing satisfaction with Gregís performance and recognition that his request was reasonable. George motioned that the chapter increase the web services expenditure to $120. The motion was seconded by Tom Blinn and was passed by unanimous vote.

Mike asked Marty Callahan to report on the previous months Fun Rally. Marty responded that sixteen cars (with 32 members) had participated but only 28 stayed for dinner. He added that, with reimbursement for mileage, the event lost $357. Phil Brown supported the event by saying that this would be a building year the event. George also supported the event and motioned that the chapter reimburse Marty and Corrine for their mileage expenses. The motion was seconded my Mike Francis and was passed by unanimous vote. Tom added that the event was well received by the participants.

Mike asked about activities? George offered to report by Patty. He said that as of this day there were six signed up for the wine tasting dinner. He added that the only source of notice was from the web site and that the "Profile" with its notice had not been received as of this date. Marty replied that the "Profile" had been sent to the publisher on time but he would call to find out were it was.

There was some discussion about sending out a special mailing (postcard) for the event but the cost was to high ($600) and the effectiveness was in question. It was then suggested that an E-mail broadcast be employed. George said that he would contact Bruce. It was then suggested by Phil Brown add a "stuffer" (flyer) to the October driverís ed eventís (End of Summer School) folders.

Mike asked about a membership chair report. George explained that Peter Duffy was not well but he had information for the chapter. George said that Peter has not been receiving the latest membership lists (as well as the non-renewals). There was some concern that Peterís E-mail address had changed. George verified Peterís E-mail address and Marty said that he would forward the lists to Peter.

There was no report from the autocross chair because Lee Walsh was not available.

Mike asked if there was any new business? Marty replied that the was looking into a tour to Nova Scotia next year for chapter members and asked that a committee be formed to explore this. Phil Brown suggested that the chapter try to include the Quebec chapter in this event. He added that for some time the Quebec chapter has been interested in joint events with White Mountain. Mike asked that this be directed to Patty so that one person would be the point of contact.

Marty mentioned that an opportunity to work abroad may develop and that the chapter may have to find a new editor for the "Profile". He said that as soon as he knew he would inform the chapter.

The question about the F1 kart challenge with the Boston Chapter was brought up. Phil Brown reported that the notice had come through Matt Kogan last year. He added that last years event was not well regulated and that he thought the chapter should not participate if the question was asked.

There was no other new business and the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.