March 2001 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	March 7, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:45 pm at Jillianís in Manchester, NH. Dan Guliano asked Mike Lussier for the treasurerís report. Mike responded that the club had taken in about $1400 from advertisement revenue with $700-800 more to be collected. Mike stated that the club had a cash balance of around seventeen thousand dollars.

Dan reported that next years holiday party was scheduled and said that the Boston Chapter and the regional SCCA chapter would be contacted to avoid scheduling conflicts. Dan asked Phil Brown (as advertising manager) to provide an ad sponsor update. Phil relayed that Tulley was no longer sponsoring itís half page ad. He added that he had three potential new ads for the newsletter as well as an existing sponsor upgrading to a half page add. Phil added that it would be best to maintain the right mix of advertisements and articles in the newsletter.

Dan reported that the TSD event, the club was responsible for, during the national "Oktoberfest 2001" was scheduled for August 9, 2001. He added that the (previously mentioned) supplier had agreed to organize the TSD rally.

Under new business, Allen Goddu brought up the BMW sponsored "Drive For A Cure" (also known as the Susan B. Koman drive). Allen explained that BMW USA provides a fleet of eighteen cars to be driven for this rolling charitable event. He also said that for every mile driven, BMW USA contributed money the fund. He went on to state that Dreher-Holloway was very much involved in this and would like as many of the membership as possible to participate. Allen added that the event is being held on June 28, 2001 and that a local hero has been selected.

Also under new business, Allen Goddu told the membership that he was approached by Dreher-Holloway about a local charity event they would like to sponsor. The event would be a fun rally to be held in September. Entertainment would be provided after the rally by Dreher-Holloway and an entry fee be charged. Allen explained that the White Mountain Chapter membership would be invited as well as Dreher-Holloway customers and others. There was a question about attending the event but not participating in the rally. Allen was appointed to chair a sub committee to answer questions and work out the details.

A question was brought up from the floor about holding an event in Vermont. It was suggested that the event could be a tour (ramble) along scenic route 100 and include spouses.

Lastly, it was announced that it was BJís birthday (Matt Koganís girl friend) and everyone wished her a happy birthday.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed at 7:40 pm.