December 2002 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Patty Bixby	December 4, 2002

Members Present: Tom Blinn, Susan Dugdale, Martin Callahan, Paul Michali, Bruce Smith , Dick Cadieux, Lee Walsh, Mike Lussier, Allen Goddu, Geoff Pascoa, Patty Bixby, Mary Thompson, Lauren Thompson

The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm by Allen Goddu. Patty Bixby acted as recording secretary in George Bixby's absence.

Mike Lussier commented that Jim at Dreher Holloway wanted a share of membership fees from the referrals they make with new car sales. After some discussion, it was concluded that this is or should be handled at a national level, so a request needs to be sent to National. A motion was so made and seconded.

Ron Goodspeed of Exeter Hospital contacted us regarding a Rally Cross that would take place in late April. It would begin in Exeter and end at Dreher Holloway. Martin said he was willing to work on the rally portion only.

Martin talked about a possible rally in May with Jason Stretch and his team at S Tech. It would end at a Bed and Breakfast in Maine. He also stated that he mentioned the possible Nova Scotia tour in the December issue of the Profile.

Mike Lussier reported that costs for the fall driving event at NHIS were up by $600.00 from the last event. This was due to increases in the track price, van and garages. Approximately 90 people attended the four-day event on Sunday and another 70 on Monday. We paired up with Boston for this event as we could not handle a four-day event by ourselves. We ended up doing a little better than breaking even. Mike will e-mail the Board and DEC members the amount sponsors had committed to the club and how much is outstanding.

The upcoming Holiday party was discussed. The club will sponsor 3 door prizes for track events; Driving School, Skill School and Auto Cross. The DJ is a large price increase this year ($1,000.00 vs. $400.00 for last year). Susan Dugdale contacted the Highlander and they are making a door prize donation, which will be dinner for two in their main restaurant. The events committee requested they be allowed to purchase three bottles of wine for the event at a cost of about $60.00. A motion was made and seconded to approve the holiday party budget.