August 2003 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Tom Blinn	August 6, 2003

Members Present: Phil Brown (Vice-President, presiding), Mike Lussier (Treasurer), Tom Blinn (Secretary), Patty Bixby (Activities), Martin Callahan (Profile Editor), Bruce Smith (Registrar), Mike Francis (Director), Cay Francis, Al Legerlotz Sr., Paul Michali, Dick Cadieux, Rob Greer, Paul Lillios, Ai Leen Lim, Arnold Koch, Gloria Koch, Vin Greco, Pat Manseau, Larry Churchill.

Phil Brown called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. Allen Goddu (President) was unable to be present.

Old and new business:

Minutes from the June, 2003 meeting (printed as posted on the chapter web site) were distributed. The minutes were approved as presented. There was no July meeting.

Mike Lussier (Treasurer) reported that we have had a positive cash flow for driving events in and our financial position is positive; details are available from him. We are current with our sponsors and our Profile advertisers, whose continued support is much appreciated. We have some outstanding expenses that should be cleared by next month. If our expenses remain in control and our remaining events are successful, we may end the year with a small positive cash flow. This would reflect our conscious efforts on managing expenses and running events to recover their costs. The decision to cancel a recent autocross because of low registration was offered as a good example of prudent management that benefits the membership.

No membership status was reported. The position of membership chairman is open and a volunteer from among the membership would be welcomed to contact Allen Goddu.

No autocross events report was presented. Autocross events are posted on the chapter web site. The next WMC event is Sunday, August 17th at NHIS.

Martin Callahan has tendered his resignation as Profile editor effective 31 December 2003. He has taken on some additional responsibilities in his personal life and needs to reduce his commitment to this particular club activity.

He has proposed that he continue production of the Profile as administrative assistant to a new editor in chief. In that role, he would work with the printer and the webmaster, but would no longer be responsible for final editing and electronic production of the copy. He would also train the new editor on the software used in the present process. He is also interested in continuing to contribute content as time permits and intends to continue his efforts on the rally program and safety skills school instructing.

Tom Blinn expressed an interest in assuming the editor in chief role, contingent on someone else becoming club secretary for the coming year.

Paul Michali reported on his interactions with the chapter's webmaster, Greg Scott, about the chapter web site and email lists. They have concluded that until the chapter implements some functionality that benefits from SSL controls, there is no need to implement them. The other proposed enhancements also need to be considered as a package, and the chapter needs to decide in more detail how we want to proceed. Since there were new members at the meeting, Phil Brown asked them if they use the web site and whether it's helpful to them. The general feedback seemed positive. Paul will ask Greg to give us a proposal for enhancements with a cost figure so we can discuss this further at the next meeting.

Patty Bixby reported on the Social Events committee meeting will be June 12th at The Yard. Ai Lean Lim has joined the committee. The NH seacoast road rally is scheduled for Saturday, September 13. Registration is available through the web site. Ai Lean Lim is the coordinator. The route is about 140 miles and will start in Exeter, NH and end at the Purple Urchin in Hampton Beach. Martin Callahan is planning the route.

The wine tasting dinner is scheduled for Friday October 17th, again at the Bedford Village Inn The theme is "A Taste of Tuscany", and there will be two featured speakers to introduce the wines that will accompany the excellent dinner. Susan Dugdale is coordinating the event and registration is available now through the chapter web site. The holiday party will be January 17th 2004 at C R Sparks in Bedford, NH.

Jeff Pascoe is investigating a chapter road trip to Nova Scotia for 2004. The Blue Nose chapter has been contacted and seems interested in helping make the event a success. A track event may be available as a side interest.

Driving Events reported that registration is in progress for the August 16th skills school and the August 22nd "August Heat" driving school, both at NHIS. The "Street Survival" skills school for teen drivers will be August 30th at NHIS, with assistance from the Boston Chapter and with sponsorship from the BMW CCA Foundation and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. All these events have additional information on the chapter web site. The committee reported that we may have an additional July 2004 track date available at NHIS. More information should be available by next month.

The Komen event at Holloway in Stratham was a success, with more test drives than the last year and more miles than any other New England event.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

The next scheduled board meeting will be Wednesday, September 3rd.

All members are reminded that everyone is welcome to attend the board meetings. The usual venue is "The Yard" restaurant at 13500 South Willow St., Manchester, NH, about a mile south of the Mall of New Hampshire (see for a map and directions). Be sure to check the chapter web site for any last minute changes in schedule or location.