April 2001 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	April 4, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:45 pm at Jillian's in Manchester, NH.

Dan Guliano asked Mike Lussier for the treasurer's report. Mike informed the club that he had filed its annual financial statements with the national club.

Mike also stated that Bruce Smith would be paying for the track time for April 14th Advanced Skills School and the April 20th Driver's Ed School. Bruce added that there was a forty (40%) percent registration by E-mail. Mike further stated that the electronic payment by the entrants was working very well and that receipts for the events were strong. He added that some have not paid yet but he was not concerned because the waiting list, to participate, was strong. Mike suggested that at this time, last year, the club participated in some charity spending and may want to start thinking about it for this year.

Dan brought up inter-club cooperation with the COM (Corvettes of Massachusetts). He stated that WKA and COM would like to share the cost of a stand by ambulance with the White Mountain Chapter during parallel events. Additionally, COM would like to learn, from WMC, how to conduct the advanced skills school. In return, COM would offer to teach WMC how to conduct time trial events. COM also has inquired about a reciprocal agreement with WMC to allow their competition license group and our group 1 students to be interchangeable at Driving School Events. Their was some discussion but it was decided that this should be taken up by the Driving Events Committee.

The next issue that was discussed was the club's support for the Oktoberfest 2001. Dan told the club that the previously mentioned supplier had agreed to run the TSD rally but would need four to six (4-6) members to serve as checkpoint workers.

Erik Wensberg then told the club of a phone call he received from Luka Serdar of the Boston Chapter about their commitments for Ofest 2001. Erik relayed that Luka told him that the Boston Chapter was to provide instructors for four days of driver's event classes for the Ofest. Erik told the club that this was an enormous task and that the White Mountain Chapter may want to be prepared to assist (as much as possible) the Boston Chapter if requested.

After some discussion, it was decided that Dan Guliano would send a letter to the Boston Chapter and inquire if they needed some assistance. If the Boston Chapter responded that they could use some assistance, Dan would send letters to the club's instructor pool, seeking volunteers for Ofest.

Under new business, Matt Kogan informed the membership that he had drafted Mel to help him with registration for autocross events and that he had drafted Lee to assist with public relations.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed at 7:30 pm.