March 2004 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Tom Blinn	March 3, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Rich Davis. In attendance were Rich Davis, Phil Brown, Tom Blinn, Melanie Brown, Paul Michali, Mike Francis, Dick Cadieux, Susan Dugdale, David Harrison, George Bixby, and Janet Levenson.

Minutes from the February 2004 meeting are available on the website. Printed copies were distributed at the meeting. The minutes were approved as posted.

Mike Lussier was unable to attend due to work obligations.

The Profile:

Jesse Mertz is moving to Florida and will be unable to continue his role in production. The purchase of updated production software did not take place. Given the shift of production work back to the capable shoulders of Martin Callahan, the need to obtain a Macintosh version has disappeared.

Martin needs help from other members to continue the Profile work on the present schedule. Anyone who is willing to volunteer should contact him or any member of the board.


Paul Michali reports that he has made progress on the organization of the membership data.

Social Committee:

Melanie Brown provided an update on the committee's activities. Details are on the web site at

The charity golf tournament plans are well under way. The event will be June 26th at the Lochmere golf course in Tilton, NH The proposed fee is $125 per person. There will be a registration form on the web site, but registration will be by mail only. The beneficiary will be "The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands Inc.", a New England based charity that will use 100% of the contributions for charitable purposes. Holloway Motors has been contacted to help sponsor the event through providing a "hole in one" award of a new BMW, model to be determined.

The fun rally planning is underway and the date will be Saturday August 14th. Additional information on these and other social events is available on the web site.

Driving events committee was represented by Phil Brown. All the scheduled driving events for 2004 are posted on the chapter web site There have been some schedule changes. The DEC plans to move to a once per season inspection schedule. The various forms for driving events will be updated on the web site. The new event fees will include a dual-membership upgrade for BMW CCA members who are not already WMC members.

New Business:

Rich Davis is investigating the production of a poster that could be used to promote chapter events. He expects to have more details available at the next meeting. The sense of the membership present was that this sounded like a good idea, and that the design should if possible allow for overprinting event details to customize a standard version of the material.

There was some discussion about Profile content. Janet Levenson expressed an interest in contributing an article about how she came to have a Z3. Paul Michali suggested that each functional group (e.g., social, driving) should commit to produce an article for each issue. Other ideas were brought forward. The general sense was that we need to provide more input to the Profile editor.

There was some discussion about obtaining sponsorship for the various events throughout the year. At present, there is no overall coordination for the calendar year, and some of our sponsors are approached on multiple occasions during the year. Others may not be given the chance to contribute and be recognized, depending on who is arranging each of the events. No conclusion was reached on whether this needs to change, but the sense of the discussion was that it was probably too late to change for this year.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.