February 2001 Driving Events Committee Minutes
	by George Bixby	February 21, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:45 pm at the Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.

Dan Guliano asked Phil Brown to update the membership about advanced skills school. Phil stated that a date of April 7th was set for the school for instructors and that they would be doing this school on a regular basis, to help keep instructors current. Additionally, Phil stated that this would be necessary in developing new instructors. Phil next turned his attention to the April 14th school for students, stating that this has been a successful program for the average member as well as those intending to participate in driving events. Phil added that the cost for the advanced skills school would be $65.

Dan reported there would be no discussion about the Instructor development program because Ed Valpey (head of the program) was able to attend, for personal reasons.

The discussion then centered around the upcoming Cabin Fever Driving School.

Phil Brown indicated that Bavarian Autosports was a confirmed sponsor and that he thought that Dreher-Holloway and 3D Auto Works would be interested.

There was some discussion about sweat shirts that had been provided at previous events. It was decided that the sweat shirts had been well received and would continue. Dan said he would arrange procurement with Rob Greer.

The topic of instructor gifts was raised and after some discussion it was decided to give neck support collars with the clubs logo.

Work assignments for the event was brought up and it was agreed that the usual assignments would be carried over.

The need for an instructor liaison was discussed, Peter Duffy volunteered and was accepted for the position. The idea of inviting Tony Funichello back for classroom instruction was circulated. It was thought that Ed Valpey may appreciate the help. It was decided to check with Ed as soon as possible and then approach Tony.

It was stated that there was need for additional help with tech inspection, staging, and track entrance. There were a few volunteers and the subject was closed.

Under additional items, the subject of the breakfast buffet was brought up. It appears that the buffet was appreciated but under utilized. It was then decided to discontinue the buffet and include $5 food vouchers (good in the concession) instead. The motion passed with two against.

A question about log books was brought up and Phil responded that Bruce Smith and Ed Valpey have them and will pass them out at the event.

The topic of tech inspection of instructors was raised with the emphasis on helmets. It appears that there may have been instructors without the proper Snell approved rating. It was decided that instructors would continue to be responsible for having their cars in the proper condition but that the club would check and approve helmets.

Lastly, the was some discussion about students being signed off for solo driving. It was decided that students, that had been signed off, would be given a sticker. The sticker is to be displayed on the car before being allowed on the track.

Dan brought up the issue of allowing open cars on the track. He stated that quite a few members had purchased Z3 roadsters and were interested in using them for Driving School events. Dan also stated that the club only allows instructors (driving solo) in open top cars, with a roll cage, on the track during driving events. There was a suggestion that students be allowed on the track with the proper precautions taken. Those include the addition of an SCCA approved roll cage. There was quite a bit of discussion about this with most of it centering around the club’s liability. It was motioned that the club allow members with open cars to participate if they signed a second waiver. This waiver is to state that they understood the added risk and had an SCCA approved roll cage in the car. The vote was split and the motion did not carry.

Dan raised the subject of autocross events. Matt stated that the club would conduct four club sponsored events (at NHIS) and co-sponsor four events with the Boston chapter (at Fort Devens). The first autocross would be conducted April 8, 2001 at NHIS.

Under the topic of new business there was some discussion about the club newsletter and the driving events. The issues centered around contributed articles about driving events and photographs.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed at 8:20 pm.