March 2001 Driving Events Committee Minutes
	by George Bixby	March 21, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:30 pm at the Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.

Dan Guliano asked Bruce Smith to update driving events committee on registration for the Cabin Fever Driverís School. Bruce replied that one hundred and six (106) students had signed up for the school. He also added that twenty-eight (28) of the registrants had no previous track experience. Bruce stated that there was a significant increase in applications from the Porsche Club. Bruce also reported that there were thirty-two (32) applications for the advanced skills school (to be held on April 14th) and that four (4) were novices.

Dan inquired with Rob Greer about the sweat shirts to be provided at the event. Rob responded that he would be picking them up on April 9th but he may need a backup in case he was out of town. George Bixby volunteered to assist Rob if so needed.

Erik Wensberg told the committee that he would not be able to attend the driverís school event on April 20th. Mike Francis volunteered to assist Alan Goddu with Control duties. Additional, Dick Cadieux and Megan volunteered to stage false grid for the event.

Phil Brown was asked to update the committee about advanced skills school. Phil stated that a date of April 7th was set for the school for instructors. Additionally, Phil stated that ambulance coverage for the school would be shared with COM (who had an event at the track that day). Phil reported that ambulance coverage was all arranged for the April 14th Advanced Driving Skills School for students and the April 20th Driving School. He also stated that the clubís insurance was all arranged and that it had not gone up from the previous year.

Dan Guliano reported that the club had fifty (50) instructors signed up for the Cabin Fever Event. He added that the previously mentioned drivers collars (instructorís gift) could not be secured and that the instructors would be receiving a WMC pullover. Instructors would also be provided with a box lunch.

Dan informed the committee that Tony Funichello would not be available for classroom instruction due to other commitments.

It was then suggested that the contact another instructor (possibly from Skip Barber) about classroom instruction for the event. Dan also stated that the Digital Photo Guy would be present at the track to provide action pictures. Lastly, the committee was informed that tech inspection, for the event, was covered.

Under new business, Phil Brown told the committee that other dates were available to the club for parking lot events and asked if there would be interest in holding another Advances Driving Skills School on May 19th.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed at 7:15 pm.