June 2002 Driving Events Committee Minutes
	by George Bixby	June 17, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm. In attendance were George Bixby, Dick Cadieux, Larry Churchill, John Cloutier, Dan Croteau, Rich Davis, Mike Francis, Pat Francis, Alan Legerlotz, Mike Lussier, Bruce Smith, and Rick Stormer.

Mike started the meeting with the post mortem on the Cabin Fever Driving School. Mike Lussier reported that the chapter recorded income for the event, however it was less than previous events. He added that the chapter paid for an extra garage, the track rental was higher due to increased insurance on the track, and we had paid a little more than usual for the instructor gifts.

Bruce reported that the event had 89 paying students and there were 8 no shows. Dick Cadieux reported that tech inspection went well but there were questions about tech inspection for instructors. Alan Legerlotz informed the chapter that the instructorís meeting went well.

Mike said that a friend of Alan Godduís ran flagging changes and had accomplished the assignment changes in nine minutes (on average) instead of the fifteen minutes allotted. Mike added that Alvin Legerlotz ran staging very well.

Alan Legerlotz brought up the issue of in car communicators, saying that not all instructors had them and asked what the club could do to help out this situation? No conclusion was reached and in a related topic communication with the flagging stations was brought up. It was explained that the chapter borrows the trackís radios for this purpose but there had been problems with them working properly. Alan Legerlotz suggested that the chapter look into buying some for this purpose and volunteered to look into the issue and supply cost to the club.

Bruce Smith reported that there had been some complaints about run group assignments and that groups two and three were over subscribed (as usual). He added that he had received a request for a refund. Apparently, a sponsor did not fill there allotted spot with a representative and the requestor had asked for the refund because of the empty spot. It was decide that the refund should not be given because itís the sponsorís decision on who would represent them at the event. Lastly, Mike said that there had been no incidents at the school and asked Mike Lussier to apply for an insurance rebate.

Mike turned the chapterís attention on the End of Summer school (in October) and the Bostonís chapterís desire to have a club race. Dan Croteau reported that he and Mike had discussed having a club race in the morning of the chapterís first day (Oct. 20) with Brittany Weber. Brittany told them that she had not worked out the details with Luka Sedar. Mike suggested that we should settle this as soon as possible and said he would discuss this with Barry Tarr (chapter president). Bruce added that he would not be available for registering students on Oct. 21st and requested help.

The August Heat Driving School was brought up. Mike suggested that the Committeeís next meeting be July 22 to discuss the details of the event. He added that another meeting should be held an August 18th to iron out last minute details. Alan Legerlotz told the committee that he had arranged for instructor registration on the Web site.

There was no report on the Autocross because Lee Walsh was not available.

Mike asked if there was any new business for the committee to consider. The question was asked if the committee should consider a "Spouses and Sprouts" Advanced Skills School this year. It was agreed that with the proper notice an event like this could be successful but it was too late in the year to properly hold the event. It was decided that the committee should consider this for next year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.