January 2004 Meeting Minutes
	by Melanie Brown	January 29, 2004

Melanie Brown called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. In attendance were Melanie Brown, Phil Brown, Martin Callahan, Susan Dugdale, Doug Pollard and Patty Bixby. Items discussed are presented below. Golf Tournament

June 26, 2004 - Fund Raiser: Melanie has agreed to confirm date and location and obtain task checklist from a seasoned golf tournament organizer. Susan offered to contact Mary Thompson to see if we can get her started on a flyer and to contact someone who does promotional packets to get a price on a registration packet for the golfers. We agreed that we would want to mail an individual flyer to each club member as well as advertise it in the Profile and on the web site. Martin will help with supplying a filtered mailing list. Phil mentioned he would find out if there is any way of getting this information into Roundel. Phil also agreed to contact Wynn Smith for information on NA donating a car to give away as a "hole in one" prize. He also agreed to contact Holloway BMW to find out what they could do on that as well. Melanie agreed to find out about the insurance policy that can be issued for a car give-a-way. We also agreed that this event would be open to non-club members, offering members the option of bringing a friend as well as meeting golf course minimum requirements. Possible venue is Lochmere Country Club, Belmont NH. Possible donation recipients are The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands and Make a Wish Foundation.

The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands

Mission Statement: The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands Inc is a non-profit public charity with a mission statement to help individuals and families in dire need due to life-threatening illness or other catastrophic situations. Itís Founder and President Elizabeth Weber's vision is to help as many people as possible and not limit the Foundation to a particular cause or illness.

* New England based : Melrose, Mass. * All funds raised go directly to grants * No part of funds raised go toward administration * All volunteer organization * http://www.theweberfoundation.com

Make a Wish Foundation

Mission Statement: "We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy."

* Arizona based * 78% of funds raised go directly to grants * 22% of funds raised go toward administration * All volunteer organization * http://www.wish.org/

Melanie would like it to be known that she would like to recommend the Weber Foundation as her choice of foundations. She has worked with the foundation on a prior fund raising event and has first hand knowledge of the quality of the people and performance behind the mission. She encourages the board to review the web site to see exactly what this foundation is accomplishing. She also likes the idea of 100% of our efforts benefiting the cause. Fun Rally

August 7, 2004 - Martin Callahan is unable to head up this event, but is more than willing to help the committee in order to make it happen. Susan Dugdale has offered to map out the route; we are considering a route thru the west central New Hampshire area. Susan has also agreed to research a restaurant for the finish line. Weíve decided to keep the costs down on this event by having a minimal registration fee and having the participants order from the menu at their expense. Martin mentioned that Ai Lean should be contacted to see if she would be interested in helping with the registration, as she did such a wonderful job at last yearís Seacoast Rally BMW Vintage Marathon

September 2004 - Reid Douglas has requested participation from all North Atlantic chapters for this event. It will begin on September 3rd at BMW-NA and follow a route throughout the North East and wind up in Spartanburg, SC on 9/18. The vehicles will be in New Hampshire on 9/5 - 9/6 and 9/9 - 9/10. Upon discussing this event, many questions were raised that need to be addressed by Reid Douglas. An email has been sent to him asking for clarification. Upon receipt of Reidís answers, the committee will work further on this event. 3rd Annual Wine Tasting

November 5, 2004 : Patty Bixby has offered to call the Bedford Village Inn to make the reservations and secure the location. More details to follow. Holiday Party

January 15, 2005 : It was discussed that C.R. Sparks was a very nice venue for the 2004 party, so we are going to plan to have it there again. Patty has offered to get in touch with the restaurant and make the reservation. More details to follow. Castle Springs Fun Day

Phil Brown has agreed to check into details on this event. If it happens that it can work into the schedule, possibly during the Vintage Marathon, we could entertain it. Phil informed us that it is an event that does not require a tremendous amount of planning and organizing. The committee agreed that it could be used as a possible fill-in. Will discuss more after details are obtained. Nova Scotia Trip

We would like to entertain this event for August/September 2005. We agreed to start the planning process in August of 2004. The Balsams No plans were made on this event. Next Steps

The committee discussed the upcoming eventís committee meeting schedule. All in attendance agreed that with the number of events, as well as the complexity of them, we should meet no less than once per month. It was mentioned that this needs to be approved by the Board, so I will plan to address it at the membership meeting on 2/4/04. Dates for meetings have been set as follows: February 19th March 25th April 29th May 27th

We feel that June may require more than one meeting to ensure that the golf tournament goes off without a hitch; we will address that, as we get closer to the date.

A question regarding what percentage of a fund raiser is considered tax deductible for a member wishing to play in the tournament was asked, we thought perhaps, Mike Lussier could address this question for us.

It was also decided that the social events committee would need some time set for them on the agenda at the next membership meeting in order to address concerns and issues needed to move forward.