May 2004 Meeting Minutes
	by Melanie Brown	May 27, 2004

Melanie Brown called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm. In attendance were Melanie Brown, Phil Brown, Susan Dugdale, Tom Blinn, Doug Pollard, Marie Pollard, Rob Greer, Laurie Wass, Janet Levenson and Jan Mark Holzer. Items discussed are presented below. Golf Tournament

The tournament is not producing the number of golfers as was anticipated at this time, with registration due to close on Saturday, June 5th, we have only signed up 4 golfers. (I have received verbal commitment from at least 8 other people, but they are not being counted until their registration forms and fees are in hand.)

It was discussed that if we decided to cancel the tournament, we would forfeit the 2 deposits made, one to the course itself for $500.00 and one to the restaurant for $200.00. Sponsorships are slowly trickling in, but the lack of golfers is a concern at this point. It is noted that in order for the club to break even we will need approximately 12 golfers. At this number, there would be no per-golfer donation to the foundation, only what has been given by the sponsors. The course will allow us to have the tournament, but will not close the course down to the public. A call is in to the restaurant as well as the golf pro to confirm this and once we hear back, we’ll forward the information on.

It was decided that we order 50 (as oppose to 125) maple syrup bottles with just the club’s logo on them for the “registration goody”. In the event that we have extras, we will be able to give them out at other club events. It was mentioned that we do the same thing with the towels that are being given to us by one of the sponsors. Susan agreed to send a bulk email out to the club members reminding them about the tournament, in the hopes to secure more registrations. Jan brought a large box of Hewlett-Packard golf goodies that we can put together for raffle prizes.

It was brought to my attention that any volunteers that are going to be staying for the BBQ lunch, need to inform me and pay for their lunch at a cost of $22.00 (or $30.00 if they would like to make a contribution to the foundation). Fun Rally

Plans for the rally are moving right along with. Registration for the rally will be available online, however payment will need to be mailed in as PayPal was not configured to handle this event this year. It is in the works and should be up and running for the next rally.

Susan and Tom were planning on hitting the route over the weekend to start taking pictures and working on the clues. Peggy & Jerry Brenner are still ironing out the numbers and routes. All agreed that there was plenty of time left to put the small details together. 3rd Annual Wine Tasting

Patty Bixby, who was not present, informed Susan that she will be working on a flyer for the wine tasting dinner as well as the menu to have inserted in the next Profile issue. BBQ and Bed & Breakfast Weekend

Janet Levenson announced that all the plans were in order for these 2 events. A flyer for the BBQ will be arriving in the next Profile with details. More to come on the Bed &Breakfast as time approaches. Meeting Dates

The next meetings are scheduled to take place at 6:30 pm at the Bedford Wayfarer Inn. The dates are as follows:

* Thursday June 17 * Thursday July 22 * Thursday August 19

Susan Dugdale agreed to inform Greg Scott so that we can get the dates posted on the web site as soon as possible.