August 2001 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	September 3, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:55 pm at Jillian’s in Manchester, NH.

Dan asked Mike Lussier to give the treasurer’s report. Mike told the chapter that the savings account was used to pay expenses. He commented that the club lost money on the Advanced Skills School and the Autocross events due to poor attendance. Phil Brown responded that the last autocross was well attended and that as many as thirty-six (36) contestants showed up to compete.

Under new business, Dan told the group that the club would now allow open top cars to participate in the Driver’s Ed School events. He added that they would be admitted under additional conditions and that the announcement would be added to the Web site, as well as the conditions. Dan asked if there was other new business for the club to consider.

Mike Lussier told the group that PayPal worked well for the last Advanced Skills School. He added that the Web site was very secure and that the funds were promptly forwarded to us.

Dan asked Alan Goddu to report on assisting the National Office for Oktoberfest 2001. Alan stated that he would be meeting with Randy Everson from the Windy City Chapter to supply equipment for Advanced Skills School. He added that White Mountain Chapter would provide our cones and manifolds for the school to use, additionally, we are to supply new hoses and sprinklers for which we will be reimbursed. He added that these items would be given to us after O’Fest was over. Alan stated that he would be meeting with Randy at the “Eggshell” for breakfast on Sunday at 8 am to go over the facility and set up. He asked the group for volunteers to assist, on Sunday, with setting up in “M” lot. Dick Cadieux, Dan Croteau, and George Bixby volunteered to help.

Erik Wensberg told the group about his efforts to collect from Tully for the previous year’s autocross sponsorship.

Dan informed the club that he would not be running for reelection as chapter president. There was some discussion about Dan’s likely successor.

Alan Goddu was asked about the results from the Susan G. Komen event at Dreher-Holloway (in June). Alan told the group that three hundred and seventy-two (372) test drives were completed for three thousand nine hundred and ninety-two (3992) miles. This compares favorably with three hundred and twenty-one (321) test drives and three thousand four hundred and forty-eight (3448) miles from last year.

Dan brought the meeting to a close at 7:45 pm.