July 2004 Meeting Minutes
	by Melanie Brown	July 22, 2004

Melanie Brown called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm. In attendance were Melanie Brown, Phil Brown, Susan Dugdale, Tom Blinn, Doug Pollard, Marie Pollard, Paul Michali, Janet Levenson, Jerry Brenner, Dana Sion, Michael Morin, Patty Bixby, George Bixby, Kheng Swee Goh, and Rich Davis. Items discussed are presented below. Golf Tournament

Rescheduled Date: see details on registration form at the web site. The date of October 4th at 11:00 am was chosen after consulting with several of the golfers that were pre-registered as well as information obtained from other people who set up golf tournaments and a few corporations that mentioned their people would play if the tournament was on a weekday. Rate was able to be reduced due to off season and weekday greens fees as well as advice from the golf pro to try to use raffles etc. to raise funds instead of the registration fee. We are hoping we will attract more golfers this way.

50/50 Raffle: instead of try to get on the phone and secure other prize donations and sponsorships for the new event, it was suggested we do a 50/50 raffle to raise more funds for the foundation. A 50/50 raffle works that you sell as many tickets as possible with the prize being 50% of the pot. Again, this was an idea that was given to us by one of the Weber Foundation's marketing agents as a great way to raise money. It would be nice if we could try to pre-sell some of the raffle tickets, especially to club members or others who would like to support the event but will not be available to attend. We would need to incur a cost for printing of the tickets, I'm not sure what that cost is right now but am willing to get an estimate prior to proceeding.

Golfers needed: our initial count for golfers was 32, out of those golfers only 1 was a BMW club member. It would be really great if we could each try to secure a few more golfers from the club or friends of club members so that we can pull off a larger event, thus resulting in more money raised for The Weber Foundation. It was suggested that we put an ad in the "Golf NH" magazine. I have been unable to find any information about the magazine online at this point. I believe someone from the social events meeting said they could get their hand on one to at least pass on the contact name and number to me.

Volunteers attending: most of the core group of original volunteers are available to help out at the rescheduled event, however we are hoping that we will pull more golfers in which will result in us needing a few more bodies on hand to help with the overage.

Donations: Donation was made to Weber Foundation of $2100 to this date, we have already donated funds raised from the hole/cart sponsors, the prize raffle we did, as well as any cash donations that were given. At this time, the club will be able to clear any expenses put forth to hold the event and still be able to give more to the foundation thru the 50/50 raffle and a small amount that was added to the registration fee. Although the event has not even been held yet, and we'd love to be able to increase registration, all in all we have already been successful for our first attempt!

Beer stand on 9th hole: discussion took place regarding offering a beer stand that we could use to raise more funds. If we can work together with one of the local beer distributors to see if they would be willing to "donate" the beer in some fashion, we will be able to give all the proceeds of beer purchases to the foundation. Fun Rally

Susan Dugdale reported that the rally is completely on track, the course has been run and minor details are being worked out and will be done in plenty of time for the August 14th event. It looks as though the rally is due to send the first car off at 9:30 am. The packets are being put together and it was agreed that the BBQ Bash & Golf Tournament flyers would be added to the packets to help promote these events. At this time 19 cars have been registered and paid for to attend. An insurance liability waiver was brought up and Phil Brown mentioned that he believed that since this is a "driving event" that we did in fact need one. Phil has the contact with the insurance company that the club uses for the other driving/track events and has agreed to take care of that for us. BBQ and Blues Bash

Janet Levenson reported that the response that she has received for this event scheduled for August 28th has been very minimal. At this time, only 4 club members have registered and Janet had a concern that she would get stuck covering expenses if others did not join in. It was mentioned that since this was an approved and agreed upon event by the board members that the club will help pick up the financial burden if necessary. Rich Davis was on hand to confirm that. Vintage Rally

George Bixby reported that preliminary plans have been made to hold receptions for this event at the Holiday Inn in Concord, NH on September 5th from 5 - 7 pm and at the same time on September 9th at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. Contracts have been forwarded to Reid Douglas for signature and still have not come back yet. It was discussed that the only way to promote this event would be to mail a post card to the members, as it had already missed the Profile deadline for the most recent issue and would be over before the next Profile came out. I agreed to help get this done and requested help/information from anyone who could offer it. I have everything I need at this time to move forward other than a write up, which I requested from George. I was informed that since Reid had still not signed the contracts, it was premature to move forward with the post card, so the promotion is in a holding pattern. I was told that as soon as more information was available, I would receive it. Wine Tasting Dinner

Patty Bixby and Susan Dugdale together have been working on this event and it sounds as though things are moving right along for November 5th at 6:30 pm. The theme for the dinner is "Vintage 2002" which can take into account wines from the vintage as well as honor the classic BMW 2002 model. A great flyer has been included in the last Profile and more details are listed on the web site. Cost of the event is $100.00 per person for the 5 course wine dinner at the Bedford Village Inn. The club is looking to have a minimum of 25 registrants to cover expenses with a maximum of 35 that can be accommodated. Holiday Party A new twist has been added to this event, by Rich Davis suggesting that the club subsidize the entire event allowing members to attend for free. In the hopes of attracting more of the club's participation and well as turning it into a fund raiser by having each attendant make a donation to a local charity. Paul Michali suggested a soup kitchen located in Manchester as the recipient. There was much discussion on how this could impact making arrangements for the menu as in some cases, if people do not have a financial stake in something, they might be more apt to not show, causing us to spend more money than necessary. I believe this will be discussed at the next board meeting as it will need to be approved before further plans can be made. However, the original date of January 15th is not available to us and we have rescheduled the event to January 29th. It was discussed that if this event were to attract many more people, it would give the social committee a chance to poll the members for future social events to help with 2005 schedule. Bed and Breakfast Weekend

Janet Levenson reported her concern that if we were to run this event the weekend of February 25-27 and not have it sell out, she would be in a position to suffer a significant financial set back. Although the club approved the weekend as an event to offer to its members, it had not approved any financial risk associated with it. At this time, Janet will present the figures to the board to see if they are willing to cover expenses in the event of any rooms being left empty. If not, then it might make sense to take the event off the calendar for this season and try to add it next year to give us more time to market it and fill the Inn so that no monies are lost.