April 2006 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Paul Michali April 14, 2006

Based on the meeting agenda, the following decisions and motions were made at today's meeting...

Chapter PO BOX

The current PO Box provider in Concord is no longer forwarding our mail. We suspect that this resulted when we changed banks and they we unable to debit our account nor get a hold of us. We discussed moving using a more centrally located provider.

Motion: Move the PO Box from Concord to Manchester, setting up automatic debit account and forwarding to Neil's address. Motioned by Rich, seconded by John, approved by majority.

Action: Neil will update checks. Paul will notify National and use this new address for membership communication. Rich will update the Profile.

Komen Ultimate Drive

Discussed the request for donating a HPD/ADSS day as a raffle item and other alternatives, like having a care package for the survivor being highlighted at the event. Consensus was that an ADSS day would be the best gift. Concern was raised over how much promoting of the club should occur, given this is a charity event and there is no precedence for doing raffles.

Motion: Draft guidelines for a raffle style give away that can be used for this event, with the item being an ADSS day. Motioned by Rich, seconded by Neil, and approved by majority.

Actions: Rich will draft guidelines. Paul will distribute and check compliance.

Extra Profiles

Since Profiles will be published quarterly, there can be a long time from when a member joins, to when they get a Profile issue. Wed like to have issues to display at social events as well.

Action: Rich will work on generating PDF readable copies of Profile for Paul to use to send to new members who provide an e-mail address. Rich will produce extra Profile copies that can be used for display and give away at various social events and for new members.

Cross Marketing

Action: Rich will send an e-mail to Melanie and Alan, suggesting that they have their teams create flyers that can be used to cross post at driving and social events.

Chapter Logo

Much discussion on logo needs for the chapter, given the new web site and color Profile.

Motion: Use the existing rounded logo for wearables and color limited printing. Design a variation of that logo for color printing and web use. Submit both logos for BMW NA approval. Motioned by Paul, seconded by John, and approved by majority.

Action: Rich will develop a new color logo. Paul will hunt down master copy of existing logo (from Dave Greer?) and will submit both to National.


The Board discussed the need to finalize the sponsor list and get invoices to Neil. We need to confirm support by sponsors, verify pricing for sponsors and advertisers. The DEC needs to be aware of current sponsors so that they are properly credited them at events. George Bixby will be the contact person for all sponsor/advertiser inquiries.

Motion to close meeting by Rich, seconded by John, and approved by majority.