August 2006 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Paul Michali August 7, 2006

The August Dinner Meeting was at Margaritas Restaurant in Exeter. There were eleven enthusiasts there, including two new members, one expired member who is renewing, a few that haven't attended our dinner meetings in a long time and several diehards and Board members.

There was lively discussion from vintage cars, to Nascar, to the Keys and Jimmy Buffet! There were so many interesting conversations going on between members and some useful ideas were presented by people.

After the Dinner Meeting, the Board met (Rich, John, and Paul) and discussed the following:

Unanimously accepted resignation of Neil from Treasurer position. Between work and home, Neil is unable to provide the needed support to the club. We appreciated the work that Neil has done, especially helping us set up with Bank of America.

Motion by Paul to have Rich as Acting Treasurer with the intention of seeking a person to assist in Treasurer duties for the remainder of this term. Seconded by John. Passed unanimously.

Action: Rich will obtain credit cards for Board and Chairs, to ease the bill paying process.

Action: Rich will talk to USPS about getting a PO Box.

Action: Rich will discuss with Bank of America about how the chapter can apply controls to safe guard the finances of the club. The goal is to have some form of approval required for all payments, so that there is a control mechanism for all spending.

Action: Rich proposed and will investigate the cost to outsource Treasurer work for taxes, A/P, A/R, and PO Box management. The thought is to pay under $500 a year for someone to handle the Treasurer duties. This has two advantages; one is that the club Treasurer would then act as a monitor, only needing to approve and track the outsourced Treasurer work. The other is that this would provide continuity for this function, over the years.

Action: Rich will send John all back issues of the Profile, so that John can reformat them as "readable" PDF files. Paul will then place them on the web, so that we all have access to back issues. (Note: A open question is whether or not we should restrict access to members only - this will need to be discussed eventually).

Action: Paul will get Rich current A/R info for the August Driving Schools, so that Rich has information on income for this event. Rich will handle all bill paying for the upcoming HPD and ADSS schools.

Additional news:

- The Profile will be published on a quarterly basis this year.

- Advertising/sponsorship will be simplified this year, where we will have sponsors, who will obtain Profile and Web site exposure. The web site is being updated to reflect this change (no more advertisers, just sponsors). In addition, there are event sponsors, which will, in addition to the Profile and web, will get exposure at the HPD schools - both via wearables and through displays at the event.

- I have solicited Mary Thompson to help creating a color logo for the chapter to use in Profile and on the web. This will be presented to National for approval, along with an updated, compliant, wearable/limited color logo.

- Pamela Day is acting as liaison for the chapter, at the upcoming Exotic car show, to try to get club members to attend this charity event.