September 2006 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Paul Michali September 6, 2006

The Board conference call discussed the following topics and motions.

Motion by Rich to appoint Michael Dion as financial assistant for the remainder of the year to help with all Treasurer duties. Discussion on the duties of this appointment. Seconded by John. Passed unanimously.

Action: Rich will summarize the duties expected of Michael to clarify the role.

Discussion over the August driving event, which generated a loss in the neighborhood of $4.5k. The Board would like to hold an event debrief and discuss the path forward for the DEC going into 2007. Some of the topics to discuss at the meeting will be: event marketing, positioning of future events in comparison to competitive events, and event responsibility for 2007.

Action: The Board will host an informal meeting with DEC members, and others interested. Tentatively planned for 9/18 at Paul’s house. Rich will send out invitations.

Discussion about elections and positions. National By-laws state that the four officer positions are elected, and Board Member/Officer at large positions may be appointed or elected, based on a Chapter’s by-laws. There is no mention of other volunteer positions (DEC, SEC, Membership, Newsletter) in the National by-laws, with respect to elected or appointed.

Recent research into old meeting minutes only indicate that the board approved voting privileges to DEC Director/Chair. The Board’s position is that for the upcoming elections, only the four Officer positions should be elected, and that chairs should be appointed, with nominations from the committees, where applicable.

Action: John and Rich to continue work on Chapter by-laws, which will define elected/appointed offices and volunteer roles and responsibilities. The goal is to include them into the up-coming ballot, if the by-laws can be prepared in time.

Via e-mail correspondence, the Board worked out the following election schedule:

Nomination of Candidates: 9/1 – 10/28

Electronic Voting: 11/1 – 12/1

Election Day: 12/4

Officer Introduction: Holiday Party (1/27?)

On election day, as part of the bi-monthly Chapter dinner meeting, in person votes will be accepted, all votes will be tallied and verified, and election results presented. The new Officers for 2007 will be introduced to the membership at the upcoming Holiday Party in January.