October 2006 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Paul Michali October 3, 2006

Minutes based on numerous Board e-mail and phone discussions during the month of September 2006...


National placed the chapter on Probation on 9/8 for not meeting the following

Minimum Standards:

- Submitting Chapter Questionnaire by 3/31/2006

- Delivering chapter newsletters to members, within a 90 day interval

- Submitting a Financial report for 2005 by 3/31/2006

They also requested a list of chapter activities for 2005. The probation gives the Board 30 days to resolve the issues. After which, the chapter membership is notified and the chapter is placed on suspension. If after another 60 days the chapter does not resolve the issues, the chapter's membership is revoked.

The Board was shocked and surprised by the notice, without any previous indication from National (via e-mail, phone, or otherwise). The Board immediately started investigating the issues raised. Through numerous discussions and e-mails, the Board has identified the following:

The Chapter Questionnaire had been sent to National via USPS on 2/17/2006. For unknown reasons, National did not receive it.

The Profiles had been delivered to members, however, National only received one of the two issues that was published. Rich sent electronic draft and pre-press copies to National (which had problems receiving them) for both issues and the third issue, which is currently at the printer. The Board has committed to a "sent to printer" date of 12/1/2006 for the fourth issue required for this year. This fourth issue will contain the 2005 Financial statement, as required by National.

The 2005 chapter activities list was prepared by John and sent to National.

The Financial report was the only (from the Board's viewpoint) item that the Board did not provide this year. With the help of Mike Dion, who is assisting Rich with Treasurer duties, a financial report has been created and submitted to National (10/3).

We identified that National was having problems receiving electronic copies of documents that we had sent them, apparently because of size limitations of their mail server.

To resolve these issues, the Board has placed the required documents onto the web server in an area where National can access them. We are awaiting confirmation from National (as of 10/3) that we have met all required items.


Rich has produced proposed chapter By-Laws for review by the Board. The By-Laws provide info on roles and responsibilities, voting rights, etc. that will provide useful structure for the club going forward. Currently, we operate under National By-Laws, which leave many details to be defined by the Chapter By-Laws (which we don't have). The Board has reviewed the By-Laws and John is updating.

The goal is to present the proposed Chapter By-Laws to the membership for approval as part of the 2007 Elections.


The Chapter has not submitted 2004 and 2005 tax returns. An extension has been requested. Mike Dion has engaged an accountant and back taxes are being processed.


Below is a summary list of open action items (new and previously identified):

Action: Rich will obtain credit cards for Board and Chairs, to ease the bill paying process.

Action: Rich will talk to USPS about getting a PO Box.

Action: Rich will discuss with Bank of America about how the chapter can apply controls to safe guard the finances of the club. The goal is to have some form of approval required for all payments, so that there is a control mechanism for all spending.

Action: Rich will send John all back issues of the Profile, so that John can reformat them as "readable" PDF files. Paul will then place them on the web, so that we all have access to back issues. (Note: A open question is whether or not we should restrict access to members only - this will need to be discussed eventually).

Action: The Board will host an informal meeting with DEC members, and others interested. Tentatively planned for 9/18 at Paulís house. Rich will send out invitations. Postponed, new date needs to be proposed.

Action: All indicate whether or not they are running for re-election in their perspective offices.

Action: Mike work with Bruce Smith and Alan Legerlotz in completing Street Survival form for 2006 and submitting to National for reimbursement.

Action: Mike create detailed financial information for 2006 to be used in DEC special meeting.