October 2006 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Paul Michali October 22, 2006

Board meeting minutes from various conference calls and e-mails during October.

The chapter has been cleared of probation by National and chapter dues reimbursements from National that were being held, will be disbursed. Michael has done a yeoman's job of creating the financial report for 2005. The following items are needed to meet National requirements:

- Fourth Profile issue published and mailed to members by 12/1/2006.

- 2005 financial report to be included in Profile.

Motion by Paul to appoint Michael Dion as Treasurer for the chapter for the remainder of the year. Passed unanimously.

Motion by Paul to appoint Laura Fallis as Membership chair with initial training by Paul. Passed unanimously.

Bylaws are complete and will be included in the 2007 Election ballots.

The DEC will hold a special meeting to discuss 2007 planning and review the financials for 2005 and 2006. Meeting will be at Paul's house on 11/6. Those interested in attending should contact Gordon Geick at g.geick@whitemtn-bmwclub.org.

Paul has obtained a PMB (Private Mail Box), which is like a PO Box, except it also allows deliveries of packages (e.g. FedEx). The cost is $5 setup fee and then $12 per month, paid in three month payments (minimum). This will be the chapters permanent address and will be placed on file with National, and will be referenced in the Profile. The address is:

White Mountain Chapter BMW CCA, Inc.

PMB 175

855 Hanover Street

Manchester, NH 03104

Action Item: Paul to notify National of new appointments and address.

Action Item: Paul to setup and activate on-line voting.