December 2006 Board Meeting Minutes
	by Paul Michali December 5, 2006

Our last meeting of 2006 was held at the Red Hook Brewery on Monday, December 4th. There were about 22 members attending the meeting.

Rich provided an overview on the financials for 2006. So far it looks like we have a $6k-$8k loss estimated and there is a balance of $18K in the bank. A probation retrospective was provided, with some "lessons learned" conveyed.

The next Profile issue is going to press and will be delivered in about three weeks. A new Profile editor will be needed for 2007.

Laura Fallis was introduced as the new Membership chair (as of October) and was doing the vote tallying for the elections. Membership is at 747, down from 764 last month, however there was an increase in NH membership and a drop in out of state members (suspected expired members that joined as part of 2005 driving school).

Brian Sachs suggested, and offered help, to produce a Podcast for the chapter as another way to reach people.

Tom Blinn announced the upcoming Holiday Party and encouraged everyone to attend.

Laura raised the question on whether or not a absentee ballot (via e-mail) should be accepted. Alan Legerlotz made a motion to accept the ballot. Seconded by Rich. Approved by majority vote.

Six members voted in person, polls were then closed and votes tallied. The new Chapter Officers for 2007 will be: Bruce Smith (President), Dick Cadieux (Vice President), Alan Legerlotz (Secretary), and Mike Dion (Treasurer). The Proposed Chapter ByLaws was approved. The Board thanked all candidates for running and the group welcomed the incoming Board.

Voting results:

President:      Paul Michali    31 (45%)
                Bruce Smith*    37 (54%)
                Rich Davis       1  (1%)

Vice President: Dick Cadieux*   39 (56%)
                John Cloutier   31 (44%)

Secretary:      David Harrison  27 (39%)
                Alan Legerlotz* 42 (61%)

Treasurer:      George Bixby    33 (49%)
                Mike Dion*      35 (51%)

Bylaws: Accepted* 54 (86%)
        Rejected   9 (14%)

Action Item: Provide National with Approved ByLaws and election results.