October 2001 Board Meeting Minutes
	by George Bixby	November 3, 2001

The meeting commenced at 6:45 pm at Jillian’s in Manchester, NH.

Dan Guliano informed the club that Mike Lussier was not available this month’s meeting and thus the treasurer’s report was not given.

There was no old business to discuss so the club moved on to new business.

Dan Guliano asked Phil Brown to report on sponsors for the monthly newsletter, the “Profile”, and for the upcoming Driver’s Ed School, the “End of Summer Driving School”. Phil reported that we had secured a new sponsor, Precision Imports (of Manchester, New Hampshire) for the “Profile”. Phil turned his attention to the October Driver’s Education School and told the group that four sponsors had been enlisted. He added that one sponsor was new, the “Marcotte Duffy Company”, and all the sponsor’s names would be printed on the back of the sweatshirts to be handed out at the event.

Dan reported that Bruce Smith was not available for this month’s meeting but had passed along his report to him. There are five open slots for the October Driver’s Ed School. Most of the entrants had signed up for both days. The exceptions were one couple that split the days and a few others that could not manage both days, but wanted to participate. The enrollment for the October 6th Advanced Skills School was filled with twenty-four students and four were wait listed.

Dan commented that Bruce would not be available for skill school but Gordon Geick would stand in for him as Assistant Registrar. Dan added that Bruce was quite pleased with Gordon as Assistant Registrar and appreciated his help over the last month. Bruce, also, needed volunteers to help stuff envelopes on Oct. 17th (for the Driving School). Dan conveyed that Bruce would like the chapter to consider hosting a Driving School with one of the Canadian chapters (possibly at Mt. Tremblant). There seemed to be some enthusiasm, with the attending membership, for this idea.

Erik Wensberg mentioned that he had a discussion with Matt Kogan about the “Boston F1 Challenge”. He reported that the Boston chapter had suggested, to Matt, that we defend our title on November 11th. Erik stated that the event would be held at “Boston F1”, indoor go-karting track, in Braintree, Mass. Further, he added, last years event was quite a bit of fun and we would defending the championship.

Phil Brown brought up the issue of staffing for the October 6th Advanced Skills School. Phil informed the group that we would not be using the usual lot for the school. He said that we would be using “I” lot and we need to get an early start to properly set up. Phil added that he had arranged for water to be brought in, by tank truck, for the skid pad.

Peter Duffy suggested that the chapter publish the minutes to the monthly board of director’s meetings in the monthly newsletter. He said that this could used to encourage participation by the chapter membership.

Erik brought up the events of September 11th and told the group that a member of BMW North America’s staff had been involved. He identified her as Linda Gronlund and that she was a passenger on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. Erik believed that she was involved with environmental compliance for the company and was well liked at BMW NA.

Dan asked if there was other new business for the club to consider and adjourned the meeting at 7:30 pm.