November 2006 DEC Meeting Minutes

by George Bixby November 6, 2006

DEC Meeting Minutes – Nov. 6, 2006 at The Yard


Meeting Called to order at 6:30 PM by Gordon Geick


Gordon started w/ introductions

Gordon Geick, Al Legerlotz, Phil Brown, Alvin Legerlotz, Laura Fallis, Brian Sachs, Jim Viall, Marcus Gleysteen, Tanya Brice-Coffin, Dick Cadieux, Pete Basiliere, Mark Viola, Dave Thibodeau, Mike Dion, George Bixby, John Cloutier, and Paul Michali.


Scheduling of Street Survival School – scheduling of parking lots w/ track not a problem, to be scheduled in May.


Track dates proposed and discussed-looking like Friday 4/13, Thursday 8/23 and 10/26-10/28. Al is coordinating with track.


Talked about BMW club race w/ Oct. school – Dick replied no problem. Good turn out especially when up against Mid Ohio date.


Statement made that new (E90) BMW’s not involved significantly at this point w/ track experience, may be because BMW is more of a luxury brand presently –

-Suggestion to reach out to other mark clubs and/or enthusiasts

-ADSS-approximately 30-50% presently go on to track, significant % attend for driver education, children, spouses. Appeals to members of our and other chapters.

-Instructor Development Program-provides expert educational instructors for our track, ADSS and Street Survival programs. Need ADSS and track programs to support the instructor candidates so they can provide the WMC educational experience to participants.

Read mission statement, long and short version.

Recommendation to consider further, perhaps the “long” version is more an operation guideline for the DEC.

-Emphasize attracting other makes/participants/groups for driving events to maintain the healthy viability and professionalism of the driving educational/recreational programs- all attending in agreement.

-Emphasized open meetings with active member involvement in the DEC.

-Emphasized cooperation and coordination between the DEC, Board and SEC.

-Emphasized WMC’s strategy to position itself as Northern New England’s leader in driver education/recreation.


Treasurer’s report – read by Mike Dion

2006 emphasized the need for proactive organization and planning for the driving events, primarily the track events from the DEC, Board and Club as a whole.


2006 has been sorted out to provide a clearer picture

-Cabin fever school, Summer Heat School lost about $3K each. The break even point for a track day seems about 70 students.

-October school/Club race will likely generate a net income and Street Survival has.

-ADSS seems about neutral but sold out.

-Sponsorship of these events needs to be promoted in a more coordinated fashion and is a priority for the Board and DEC.

-Most importantly, thru Mike’s great efforts, the DEC can better generate a budget projection and break even points for future schools.


Review of student comments from schools, thanks Alvin for weeding thru the student questionnaires and presenting.


- complaints about flagging and the DEC will consider the benefits of professional flaggers at the next meeting, positive comments on Summer Heat exercise on passing organized by Ed.

-Suggestion about beginner mentor program – Tanya to pursue

-Event package access – provide at track vs. listed on web site, need to tweak some organizational aspects of the schools.


Mount Washington High climb – group agreed to support

-Support is only to fill twenty spots - to be run by Vintage Sports Car Club and WMC not administratively involved so as not needing insurance for the event. VSCCA to provide insurance and our participants will need to meet those guidelines.

-to be viewed more as a “fun run” with safety and no incidences extremely important.

- Initial survey by Ed received over 30 interested drivers.

-Discussion about possible social event in conjunction


Mini’s On Top – Event is on 6/15/07 at Loon Mtn. with about 250 Minis

-How can the club be involved?

-Dave, Pete, and Marcus to provide information and Mike and Doug of Concord Motorsport and Mini of Peabody wish to be involved in driving/Mini events.

-Mini only ADSS to be planned.


Consider track experience survey (John Cloutier) & MotorReg list contact by E-mail


SEC representative present-Phil said a social/driving event was planned for Waterville Valley.


Tactical/organizational planning for track events initially reviewed by Al.


DEC volunteer/subcommittee list, initial organization-

-Sponsorship-George and Laura

-Tactical/organizational-Al, Paul

-Mini-Dave, Pete, Marcus, Mike and Doug (sponsor rep.)

-Marketing-Gordon, Mark

-members encouraged to think about where they would like to participate and to be followed up next meeting.

Items to discuss at next meeting – Job descriptions, track dates, ADSS dates


Meeting ended at 9:00 PM – Next meeting on 12/11/06


-Submitted by George Bixby and edited by Gordon Geick