April 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

by Alan Legerlotz April 9, 2007

Meeting Minutes for April 2007 Board Meeting

Time:                     6:30 pm

Location:              The Common Man Restaurant, Concord


Attendees :  Bruce Smith, Dick Cadieux, Alan Legerlotz, Gordon Geick, Cassandra Vorisek-Creto, Al Creto, Paul Michali, Dana Sion, Mike Morin, Mike Francis, Bob Favre, David Harrison, Pete Basiliere


Meeting called to order at 6:35.

Bruce began the meeting with an update on the IRS situation.  He explained the history of how we hadn’t filed an income tax return for  the past two years (tax years 2004 and 2005) and that we had received letters from the IRS stating that we owed fines for not filing.  We got some assistance and advice from National.  We then sent letters to the IRS telling them that we were unaware of the situation, that we’re rectifying it, and asking if we can get some sort of amnesty because we didn’t owe any actual taxes.    We’re waiting for a response from the IRS.  Bruce said that even though we’ve filed for an abatement, we should be prepared to pay something.

Dave asked whether we’ve filed our 2006 taxes and Pete asked a greater question about whether or not we’re making that we file all reports and do things as required because the chapter has had some issues with that in the past year.  Bruce assured everyone that we are doing everything necessary and mentioned the operations manual, which spells out the things that need to be done from National’s perspective.

Bruce then asked for volunteers to provide information and articles for the profile.  Bruce suggested that Paul give us an update on the web site after the profile discussion concludes.  There was a discussion about advertisers and contribution deadlines.  Martin has a schedule available and Gordon asked that it be distributed.

Cassandra gave an update on the SEC and mentioned the following events:

Gordon gave an update on the DEC.

Bruce reviewed the monthly treasurers report from Mike Dion and mentioned that we are on top of everything.

Laura did the Membership Report.  There have been 8 new members this month for a total membership of 719.  There was a discussion about following up with members who don’t renew when their subscriptions expire.  There was also talk about attracting new members and marketing to them.  Dana suggested tech sessions as a value add to new members and non-driving event people.  Dana asked if we get any info as to why people didn’t renew.  Laura said that we get some info from National.  Ten percent more or cancel, but most people sold their cars or something similar to that.  Laura will call people from our chapter who didn’t renew and talk to them about why.

Bruce mentioned that the Chapter Congress is going to be in Valley Forge PA and that him, Mike, and Laura are going to attend from the chapter.  There will be varied topics including Membership, Crisis Management, Regional Breakout sessions, etc… He’ll give an update in May.

Gordon gave a Logo update.  He said that Erik is taking care of this with Paul and Dana.  Gordon is abdicating and said Erik is working on it.  The logo will be narrowed down to 2 designs for the board to vote on.

Mike and Dick gave an update on Sponsors and Marketing.  Eric signed up Mike Cooney for 2 events.  Mike signed up Bavarian Autosport for 2 events as well.  They are looking for return on their sponsorship and have dropped their sponsorship of O’Fest because the return wasn’t there.  Profile advertising has a multi tiered schedule with graduated discounts/prices.  These new prices are now in-line with other clubs and organizations in the area.  Dick has been talking with 3D Auto Works and Mario about sponsorship and they want to see what we come up with.  Pete suggested we encourage a coupon or something people will remember.  Gordon suggested “Named Sponsors” (e.g. “Cabin Fever Driver’s School sponsored by Bavarian Autosport”.  The question was asked as to whether we could have a sponsored lunch or drinks at the end of the day.  Al suggested that we approach the Common Man as an advertiser.  After some discussion, a decision was made to put sponsorship and advertisers separately on the web site like it used to be.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.